Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CrappyCat x Kuso Vinyl SDCC Exclusive

    "You got something to say? Yeah, you thought you had something to say till you saw the size of my peace maker".

     Nothing makes me happier that the thought of a cat with a bad attitude and and the weaponry to match. "Seafood Delight again for dinner? I think I'll be having some of your pot roast actually". This is the Driver Red edition of Van Beater's popular CrappyCat. He is limited to only 200 pieces and is an exclusive for Kuso Vinyl at San Diego Comic Con. And he only costs $10, which is probably what a soda at the convention goes for. Plus you can meet Van Beater and have him sign your butt. Ok, you probably shouldn't ask for that cause it may get you tossed out.

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