Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super7 Superbowl Sale

    Pretty self explanatory there, which is good because I still have to shower and shave for work.

   Yesterday I went to the zoo with my wife, even though I had a stomach ache and probably should have just stayed in bed and complained.  But they have deer there you can feed and while deer are no uber rare species of creature they never let you get close to them in the wild.  So it's kind of neat to have one come up to you to eat your popcorn.  And the goats are always fun, and they had this crow that was pretty chill and would catch pieces of popcorn from you and then dance around his cage.  They have tigers and stuff like that too but they won't let you close enough to pet them, which I don't understand.  I'm a grown man, I should be allowed to pet the tiger if I want to.  This story has absolutely nothing to do with toys at all, so I apologize if you were waiting for me to bring it back around and tie it all together.  Not gonna happen.  You can see some of my zoo pics on my Instagram.  Just look up TheToyViking.  I know I went all creative with the name there.  Gotta keep it consistant, for marketing purposes of course.  This thing is gonna take me to the top.  The top of the dung heap, which was pretty huge in the goat's enclosure.  Someone should have shoveled it out.

Ferg x Grody Shogun Lucky Bags from Lulubell Toy Bodega

    Not too long ago I finished up the biography of Walter Freeman, who was the guy who invented the icepick lobotomy.  Pretty fascinating stuff, especially since he was just kinda poking around and guessing at where he was cutting in your brain to cure you of mental disease.  Had his patients been as transparent as these guys, his success rate would have probably skyrocketed.

    These are the Young Ghosts from Ferg and Grody Showgun.  Today at noon Pacific through Lulubell Toy Bodega you can pick up a lucky bag that will contain one random figure from the glorious pile you see here:

Plus one of these guys:

    That's 2 figures for the low low price of $55!!!  What else can you buy these days for $55??  A hamburger from McDonalds made out of orphans?  I can barely fill my car up with gas for that much and I'm just gonna burn it up anyway, so why not use the money to buy something I can keep forever.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

8 Inch Meltdown Dunnys from Chris Ryniak and Kidrobot

     I used to work at a place that had a microwave in the back room for us to use and right in the center of the door there was a hole. This hole went clean through the protective glass and into the actual chamber where the food is cooked, as if someone has stabbed the front of it with a screw driver in an effort to ensure the people he worked with could never pass on their defective genes. At least, I assume that someone was trying to sterilize those weirdos, but who would admit to using household radiation to nuke the privates of their coworkers? Not anyone that understands the statute of limitations I'll tell you that.

    These 8 inch Meltdown Dunnys were created by Chris Ryniak and Kidrobot. As you can see there are 4 different color variations of this sucker just to drive you mad. Certain ones are only available at certain places and here's the rundown:

Green: Kidrobot retail store locations


Pink: specialty toy stores in the United States

Orange: specialty toy stores in the rest of the world

    There are only 500 of each color, they glow in the dark, and they are $75 each. Prepare to go broke on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

Skelevex by alto and DMS

    Good Lord I want this thing! alto and DMS have put their heads together to create....a head. This faceted skull will be making it's debut at ToyCon UK this April at which point we'll probably learn about the pricing and everyone will buy one and I'll be jealous that I won't be able to take pictures of my cats with it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Chaos Bunny from Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects

    It's not always easy to shop for your favorite person from the internet (me), especially for Valentine's Day.  You don't want your undying devotion to go unnoticed, but since you already sent him (me) a pig's heart with a nail in it last year (it still smells weird in my house) how do you go about topping it  without the risk of serious infection from raw organ meat?  Allow me to make a suggestion.

    A Pink Chaos Bunny from Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects would make a most appropriate gift for this time of year!   There are only 200 of the 10 inch tall rabbits available and they go on sale today at noon Pacific time at  They sell out of these suckers quickly every time so if you're already at work you might want to fake food poisoning and hide in the bathroom at the appropriate time.  Don't forget your smartphone though, or you'll feel dumb sitting there with your fake case of the bad poops.

New Tee From Dave Webb x Outsmart Originals

    Dave Webb makes creepy little toys with sharp pointy teeth that look like they would be make a home in your intestines and slowly consume you from the inside out.   Outsmart Originals makes t-shirts featuring the artwork of your favorite toy designers.  They have now joined together in unholy matrimony to bring you this.

    You can order this shirt right now from and be entered to win a custom 4" Munny from the artist himself!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Black Heksen Figures from Monster Worship Available Now

    It's snowing right now.  Every time it snows I want to put on my corpse paint and make my wife take pictures of me in the woods for my black metal band that I don't have.  It seems like the thing to do, as all of the best bands have pictures of themselves in the snow wandering around the forrest.  Snow is the most brutal of all precipitation.

    This Black Heksen is ready for his photo shoot in the wilds of Norway.  This is the first time that Dwid Hellion and Monster Worship have released a painted version and it's pretty sick.  

    You can also get a red unpainted version if you can only stand one color at a time.  Or maybe you have a color theme in your collection and you're not a fan of trying new things.  It's ok, we're all friends here and this is a judgement free zone ya weirdo.

    Both are now available from

Friday, January 25, 2013

Iron Man 3 Pop! Vinyl from Funko

Iron Man 3 will be coming out soon so you know what that means? Toys of course! And what better movie toys could you think of than Pop! Vinyl from Funko? The answer is none.

You can get all four of these guys from the film on February 18th and add to your growing Pop! Vinyl collection that has probably taken over your house and caused the floor of your living room to sag beneath its weight.


Major Lazer Mascot from Kidrobot

    I don't do drugs so I don't always get every neo cultural reference made in the world, thus I had to look up who this Major Lazer guy was.  It seems like something hipsters would like because it wasn't particularly good but I can see people suffering through it to make it seem like their tastes have evolved way past anything in the "mainstream" or anything "I may have heard of." 

    This is the newest mascot figure from Kidrobot.  It comes out February 19th for $50.  You can put it next to all of your ceramic owls and your printed photos from Instagram of you holding a thrift store record and staring at your feet sorrowfully because your parents didn't love you enough to buy you New Kids on the Block reunion tickets and support your ironic lifestyle as a performance artist whose work is focused on the post consumerism lifestyle of Appalachian bluegrass musicians.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Year of the Snake Tee from Allen Wen x Outsmart Originals

    Now this is what I'm talking about!  This is a man's shirt if I've ever seen one.  That cobra looks like it could be from the hood of a suped up Trans Am that is driven by that guy with the jean jacket and the King Diamond patch on the back who buys all the underage kids cigarettes and you can't really tell how old he is but he probably should be a bit more responsible and pay his bills on time.  He would wear this shirt until it turned grey and looked like rats had nibbled on it and that's why I want one.

    This t-shirt that would look amazing in my closet was designed by Allen Wen/AW177 and Outsmart Originals.  For $20 you can get the shirt and be entered to win the original art used to make it.  You should buy one then go cruising for chicks, or whatever people do nowadays. 

Disney/Pixar Mystery Minis from Funko

    I'm secure enough in my manhood to post about cute things every once in awhile.  It doesn't mean that I don't like ultimate fighting, or semi-automatic weapons, it just means that sometimes there's stuff out there that you the reader may be interested in and I'd like to tell you about it.  Plus, aren't these adorable?  You know, for watching football with and stuff.

    These are the Disney/Pixar Mystery Minis from Funko.  Each character comes in three different poses that are blind boxed with varying degrees of rarity that will probably drive you mad trying to collect all of.  You can start the craziness when they are released February 28th.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OG Jaguar Knight from Jesse Hernandez x Pobber Release Party at TAG

    Why does everything toy related happen in California?  I think it's time I relocated to some place where new toys release every week and the weather is a bit more favorable.  You wanna know what the temperature is outside?  15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Normally I don't complain about the cold too much, but I'm gonna join in with everyone else and put my two cents worth in.  It's chilly!!!!!!!

    Jesse Hernandez and Pobber Toys have created this sick looking Jaguar Warrior and now you can get the man himself to sign one for ya.  He'll be at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles this Saturday peddling his wares.  Go and say hi, get a toy, and make me jealous.  Go on, you know you want to.  You probably won't even have to wear 5 jackets.  

Bloody Buckingham Warrior from Gary Baseman x The Loyal Subjects Release Party

   A few of these Buckingham Warriors from Gary Baseman and The Loyal Subjects have been released so far but none this...brutal!!!!!!  Just look at it all covered in blood and smiling.  You've messed up if this guy is on the hunt for you.  

   To celebrate the release of this guy there's going to be a big party this Saturday in Los Angeles.  Any event that Gary Baseman shows up to is bound to be an interesting time, so if you're lucky enough to live close by, or extremely rich and can afford to fly there, then you should.  I'll be slaving away at work, thinking about how much fun you're having.  Jerks.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Walking Dead Glenn Bloody Exclusive Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    Anyone who watches The Walking Dead knows Glenn has had it rough.  For the first two seasons he was stuck doing all the crappy jobs because he was too much of a wuss to say no.  Then that hot girl took an interest in him and he's like "I have a reason to live" so he started acting more like a man and refused to ever be dangled in a well as zombie bait ever again.  Good on you Glenn.

    This Pop! Vinyl figure from Funko is a special blood-soaked variant that is an exclusive for Man of Action Figures.  They're 1500 of them available to preorder right now for $14.95 and they will come out in April.   Maybe Funko will make me an exclusive Mickey Mouse covered in blood.  That would be pretty cool.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Renold PTV January Snowday from Cris Rose

    It's like I got a theme going today.  It's like I'm a little OCD and have to keep all my similar posts about similar things on the same day or else I'll have a shaking fit and my wife won't take me to Famous Dave's even though I've been on my best behavior for a majority of the day with just one little slip up that I doubt the police would even find out about and if they did it's only a misdemeanor anyway.  Better stick to my theme then.

    This is the January Snowday Renold from Cris Rose.  This little guy is limited to only 6 pieces for $65 each, which is a deal being that he comes with his own snowy display environment.  These go on sale tomorrow at 18:00 London time (you should Google it cause I have no idea when that is) at

Winter Wonderland Series from Argonaut Resins

    I'm in a funk.  My beloved Philadelphia Flyers are 0-2 in what is a mini version of the NHL season and it's supposed to get ridiculously cold out this week.  Thus far, winter is doing a fair job of sucking, but then Argonaut Resins goes and makes these seasonal figures and suddenly things don't seem so bad.  All of the dudes you see up there will go on sale tomorrow, January 22nd, at 10pm eastern time.  You have to be quick if you want one because these will sell fast as usual.  So go ahead and set your homepage to and have your credit card ready.  May the gods of online shopping smile upon you.

Friday, January 18, 2013

New Shirt and Beanie from RSIN x Outsmart Originals

   RSIN is well on his way to becoming a fashion mogul, like Tommy Hillfiger, or those Olsen Twins.  This is already his second shirt with Outsmart Originals and this time he gets a beanie too!  Will pants be next?  What about sensible shoes that transform from a day at the office to an evening on the town?   Is Project Runway in his future?  It could happen.

   The tee is $20 and the beanie is $15 or you can get the set for $30.  Plus, every purchase you make of either one will enter you to win a custom toy from the man himself.  You can't get deals like this buying crap from Hot Topic, so go right now to and start dressing better in 2013.  

I Have a Confession to Make

    Since I began this site I have felt the pressure of competition from my rivals online.  In an effort to the wittiest and arguably best looking writer about toys I succumbed to the temptation of steroids.  Yeah, I was juicin like a mofo.  I know it was wrong, but there are so many people fighting for your attention on the internet that I felt like I needed a competitive edge.  I now know I was wrong to turn to performance enhancing drugs, mainly because they are expensive and I could have used that money to buy more toys.  It was really a stupid investment and stupid investments are wrong.  Plus, they have health risks or something according to this chart I found:

    Who has time to read all that?  Plus, the pictures look unpleasant.  Anyway, I planned to confess to all of this on Oprah right after that bike riding idiot, but for some reason my multiple phone calls only ended in a restraining order rather than an invitation for an interview.  TV people are weird.  Shed tears for me Oprah, I'm in pain too ya know!

Batman Arkam City Series 4 from DC Collectibles

    I can't blame DC Collectibles for milking the Arkam City game for all that it's worth because it is one of the best I've played.  Hopefully they will be making another one for me to devote significant portions of my life to. But in the mean time, they have some new toys coming out in March.  I think every character has been featured now, so maybe they will make some cool diorama to display them on (for those of you that don't open your figures, I apologize for any stress I may have just induced there).  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Wanderer from David Healey x Skinner

    Are these the guys Tom Cruise and his rich weirdo friends are worshipping in their Hollywood compound while doped up on space peyote and giving each other back rubs?  I think they might be.  

    David Healey made these guys and then Skinner painted 'em up to make 'em look all intergalactic and otherworldly.  They only made 10 of these suckers and you can get one tomorrow for $75.  Having one on your mantel will save you when Tom Cruise starts going door to door looking for the non believers to sacrifice to the supreme overlord.  Don't be sacrificed to the supreme overlord.  

    Save your soul at

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pollen Kaiser and Luftkaiser Unpainted Black from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking that your wallet is feeling a little full and you're thinking what a gift it would be for someone to help you ease that burden.  Like a guardian angel in your darkest hour I have descended upon you, bringing you ways to rid yourself of your meddlesome cash in exchange for some freaky looking toys.

    That guy you see up there, with his lone pink eye, is the Pollen Kaiser from Paul Kaiju.  This 10 inch unpainted monstrosity goes on sale today exclusively from Toy Art Gallery for $145.  

    Or if you like your evil to have the ability to swoop in on your adversaries, then maybe the Luftkaiser is for you.  He stands at 4 inches high and is $35.  You can pick them both up today starting at noon Pacific time from

Fleurs Noires by NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    I want this pretty badly.  I know I say that a lot, but this time I really really mean it.  This beautifully decorated porcelain skull is the work of French artist Noon and K. Olin Tribu.  Each skull was hand decorated, so all 50 pieces are completely unique.  They release today at for $330 with free shipping.  

   Usually I have something funny to say about everything but not today, as my mind is busy thinking how awesome this would look in one of my cabinets.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Turn Your Kid's Art into 3D Sculptures with Crayon Creatures

    My grandparents never threw much away, so when I was a wee lad I liked to crawl around in their attic and see what I could find.  Well I managed to find some ancient issues of Cracked Magazine that my uncle had collected and one of them had a feature that explored what kid's drawings would look like if they were real objects.  At the time it was hilarious because they built these weird, lopsided rockets, and 3 legged horses.  But now that I'm older and a bit more sentimental, the fact that a company has come along that can actually do this is pretty amazing.

    Crayon Creatures uses the latest in 3D printing technology to bring the craziness of a child's imagination to life in the form of unique figurines.  You can see more of what they do at and even upload some art and make your own.  It costs about $130 in US currency for the figure and about $20 to ship it anywhere in the world.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pierced: Shades of Grey by Parra x Kidrobot

    This looks like the sort of thing a swinger couple would have sitting in their living room to let you know that they're kinda freaky.  If you were to go to someone's house and you spotted this on a shelf, don't sit on the furniture.  God only knows what has happened there and you'd probably have to burn your pants just to make you feel better about whatever contamination you were exposed to.

    If you're into this you can buy one on January 31st from Kidrobot.  But just know that a statue of weird bird people in various stages of undress sends a distinct message to your guests and if you see them cringe you have only yourself to blame.  Out of politeness they probably won't burn their clothes in your house (plus they'd have to get naked and that's what you freaks want) but just know that you ruined that outfit.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fonzo Loves New York Custom Show Tonight at myplasticheart

    What are you doing tonight?  If you live in the New York area you better not be sitting at home, watching Netflix and crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry's.  Cause myplasticheart is having a custom show featuring Fonzo, the cute little vinyl dog from Freak Store.  Tons of artists customized these guys to make him look all spiffy and you can go and see them in person and even purchase one if you've got that kinda cash laying around.  Here is the list of artists that made custom toys:

Custom Toy of the Week Take 2: KidKratos from Commandante

    Normally, I'm not a fan of the Kidrobot mascot toys.  The only one I own is the Viking one made by The Beast Brothers, and that is for obvious reasons.  If I'm going to buy a toy from them I'd much rather get a new Dunny, whose likeness can really be transformed by the artist working on it.  Plus they feels like less of an advertisement in my home than a company logo in 3D form.   

    This, however, is stunning.  Commandante has taken the mascot and transformed him into Kratos from the God of War video game franchise.  I'm a bit biased because they are my favorite games, but the workmanship is outstanding on this figure.  You may now continue to gaze in wonderment.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Goblin Army from DuBose Art

     You never know what you're going to stumble upon when you're bored and playing around on the internet.  Sometimes you see things that you wish could be removed from your brain and burned on the front lawn.  Other times you discover someone making cool toys that you had never heard of before.  These Goblins were made by DuBose Art and will be up for sale tomorrow at 4pm CST.  There will be 3 of them available in this unpainted green and 4 more that will be painted in various colors like you see below.  The detail is insane and really pops when they've been painted. These are some of the best resin figures I've seen in awhile.  

Here's a better picture of what they look like, though these are a different color than the ones that will be available.