Thursday, January 3, 2013

Follow Us On Instagram

    I understand many people are pissed at Instagram and their new terms of service (which they did update by the way).  But let's be realistic; no one is going to take the pictures of you eating at Olive Garden and put them on a billboard in Times Square.  Frankly, I wish Pepsi would use a picture of my cats in one of their ads.  I would frame it right above their litter boxes and put an extra copy on the fridge.  Other products I would like to endorse include Goldfish, Cheez-Itz, Harley-Davidson, Dr. Marten's, Colt 45, Smith and Wesson, the Russian Space Program, grunge rock, any brand of flannel shirts as long as they're nice and not too thin, and Target.  The ball is in your court advertising execs.

   If you still like Instagram as much as I do you can follow us there.  Our username is TheToyViking and last time I checked there was only one of us, which is good cause lawyers are expensive.   I also guarantee that I took all pictures while in my underwear. Yes, even the ones in public.

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