Monday, January 14, 2013

Pierced: Shades of Grey by Parra x Kidrobot

    This looks like the sort of thing a swinger couple would have sitting in their living room to let you know that they're kinda freaky.  If you were to go to someone's house and you spotted this on a shelf, don't sit on the furniture.  God only knows what has happened there and you'd probably have to burn your pants just to make you feel better about whatever contamination you were exposed to.

    If you're into this you can buy one on January 31st from Kidrobot.  But just know that a statue of weird bird people in various stages of undress sends a distinct message to your guests and if you see them cringe you have only yourself to blame.  Out of politeness they probably won't burn their clothes in your house (plus they'd have to get naked and that's what you freaks want) but just know that you ruined that outfit.

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