Friday, January 25, 2013

Major Lazer Mascot from Kidrobot

    I don't do drugs so I don't always get every neo cultural reference made in the world, thus I had to look up who this Major Lazer guy was.  It seems like something hipsters would like because it wasn't particularly good but I can see people suffering through it to make it seem like their tastes have evolved way past anything in the "mainstream" or anything "I may have heard of." 

    This is the newest mascot figure from Kidrobot.  It comes out February 19th for $50.  You can put it next to all of your ceramic owls and your printed photos from Instagram of you holding a thrift store record and staring at your feet sorrowfully because your parents didn't love you enough to buy you New Kids on the Block reunion tickets and support your ironic lifestyle as a performance artist whose work is focused on the post consumerism lifestyle of Appalachian bluegrass musicians.  

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