Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super7 Superbowl Sale

    Pretty self explanatory there, which is good because I still have to shower and shave for work.

   Yesterday I went to the zoo with my wife, even though I had a stomach ache and probably should have just stayed in bed and complained.  But they have deer there you can feed and while deer are no uber rare species of creature they never let you get close to them in the wild.  So it's kind of neat to have one come up to you to eat your popcorn.  And the goats are always fun, and they had this crow that was pretty chill and would catch pieces of popcorn from you and then dance around his cage.  They have tigers and stuff like that too but they won't let you close enough to pet them, which I don't understand.  I'm a grown man, I should be allowed to pet the tiger if I want to.  This story has absolutely nothing to do with toys at all, so I apologize if you were waiting for me to bring it back around and tie it all together.  Not gonna happen.  You can see some of my zoo pics on my Instagram.  Just look up TheToyViking.  I know I went all creative with the name there.  Gotta keep it consistant, for marketing purposes of course.  This thing is gonna take me to the top.  The top of the dung heap, which was pretty huge in the goat's enclosure.  Someone should have shoveled it out.

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