Monday, January 21, 2013

Renold PTV January Snowday from Cris Rose

    It's like I got a theme going today.  It's like I'm a little OCD and have to keep all my similar posts about similar things on the same day or else I'll have a shaking fit and my wife won't take me to Famous Dave's even though I've been on my best behavior for a majority of the day with just one little slip up that I doubt the police would even find out about and if they did it's only a misdemeanor anyway.  Better stick to my theme then.

    This is the January Snowday Renold from Cris Rose.  This little guy is limited to only 6 pieces for $65 each, which is a deal being that he comes with his own snowy display environment.  These go on sale tomorrow at 18:00 London time (you should Google it cause I have no idea when that is) at

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