Monday, January 28, 2013

Black Heksen Figures from Monster Worship Available Now

    It's snowing right now.  Every time it snows I want to put on my corpse paint and make my wife take pictures of me in the woods for my black metal band that I don't have.  It seems like the thing to do, as all of the best bands have pictures of themselves in the snow wandering around the forrest.  Snow is the most brutal of all precipitation.

    This Black Heksen is ready for his photo shoot in the wilds of Norway.  This is the first time that Dwid Hellion and Monster Worship have released a painted version and it's pretty sick.  

    You can also get a red unpainted version if you can only stand one color at a time.  Or maybe you have a color theme in your collection and you're not a fan of trying new things.  It's ok, we're all friends here and this is a judgement free zone ya weirdo.

    Both are now available from

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