Thursday, January 24, 2013

Year of the Snake Tee from Allen Wen x Outsmart Originals

    Now this is what I'm talking about!  This is a man's shirt if I've ever seen one.  That cobra looks like it could be from the hood of a suped up Trans Am that is driven by that guy with the jean jacket and the King Diamond patch on the back who buys all the underage kids cigarettes and you can't really tell how old he is but he probably should be a bit more responsible and pay his bills on time.  He would wear this shirt until it turned grey and looked like rats had nibbled on it and that's why I want one.

    This t-shirt that would look amazing in my closet was designed by Allen Wen/AW177 and Outsmart Originals.  For $20 you can get the shirt and be entered to win the original art used to make it.  You should buy one then go cruising for chicks, or whatever people do nowadays. 

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