Monday, January 7, 2013

Toy Giants Show at Toy Art Gallery

    When I first started collecting designer toys I limited myself to small, inexpensive blind box releases.  As the years have passed my threshold for spending money on figures I've wanted has grown.  First I would buy something for $20, then I felt more comfortable spending $40.  Now just about everything I want comes close to the $100 mark and beyond, which is not something that excites my credit rating.  But the more money you spend the bigger the figures get, which is a huge bonus.  Just when I thought my toys couldn't possibly take up anymore room in the house, Toy Art Gallery went crazy and created these.

    Starting January 12th you can visit them in Los Angeles for their Toy Giants show featuring lifesize figures made out of fiber glass.  These things are huge and I want them all pretty badly.  They'll have work from Paul Kaiju, David Flores, Nathan Hamill, and a bunch of other artists.  These guys will set you back a few grand if you wanted to bring one home, hence the reason I don't have one.  I have not quite hit that comfort level of spending.


  1. Wow, I really want a toy giant. Don't have the room though or the money....but wow. Hee hee, yeah my obsession started with blind boxes, though I've gotta tell you, they still excite me even now! Mwa ha the mystery!

  2. Dunnys are pretty much the only thing I buy blind boxed any more. My nerves can't take it, lol.