Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cosmic Rose Vampire DX from Super7

    It's a Super7 Super Secret Surprise Release for New Years Party Extravaganza Toy Thingy.  The Rose Vampire is lookin all sparkly for 2013 and is gonna have a hard time explaining to his wife why he came home covered in glitter.  He better have been making arts and crafts with disadvantaged youth and not hanging out with girls trying to work their way through college.  This is an episode of Maury Povich waiting to happen.

    Supposedly this guy is available now, but the link isn't working on the Super7 website.  When you are able to snag one it will set you back $65 and you may get one sporting a red cape, or you may get one looking like a gentleman in a black cape.  That's the luck of the draw my friends.

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