Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scott Tolleson x Erick Scarecrow Papa Sama Akuma

    This is an overload of cuteness.  Seriously, my head may explode and my wife will come home to find bits of my skull and brain strewn about the room.  She's gonna be mad because this is the room where we keep our best stuff since one of our cats has an issue with eating everything in sight.  We lock our shoes in here every night so he doesn't eat the laces.  Just about anything we think he may decide to inject we keep stored in here, so a lot will get damaged if my head does in fact explode.  I'm gonna walk away for a few minutes just to let things calm down.

    Ok, crisis averted.  Scott Tolleson and Erick Scarecrow have joined forces to create this unholy demon of adorableness.  This is Papa Sama Akuma, all decked out in his little argyle sweater and his little tooth sticking out.  Only 17 of these hand painted resin figures will be available tomorrow at so get up early if you want one.  I'm going to go and watch a snuff film now to counteract the cuteness.  

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