Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kibunadon Fish Kaiju by Teresa Chiba x Max Toy Co.

    I think the most horrifying thing in the world would be a giant kaiju fish rising from the depths of the ocean and destroying where I live.  Because even if it doesn't totally wreck your house and kill everyone you know, good luck trying to get rid of that dead fish smell once the National Guard puts it down.  Have you ever seen those exploding whale videos?  You know, where a whale washes up on the beach, and it sits there letting all the bacteria in its gut multiply and fart until the whole thing just explodes and sends rotten old innards everywhere?  Now picture that happening with something 10 stories tall.  There aren't enough power washers and bottles of bleach in all of America to wash that smell away.  

    This guy is kinda cute and probably smells like a rainbow.   He's the newest kaiju figure from Max Toy Co. and Teresa Chiba.  You can pick one up right now at and pray that what I described in the first paragraph never happens to you.  The horror!!!!!!!!    

Friday, May 30, 2014

"The Unwound Automaton" Bella Delamere from Doktor A x Arts Unknown x Mintyfresh

    As I am writing this post I am playing fetch with my cat Jorah.  He has this little mouse toy that we call Chew Jackman and he'll drop it then push it towards you when he wants you to throw it.  It's kind of weird for a cat to want to play fetch, but what's weirder is that we never taught him to do this.   He brought it to me when I was trying to sleep one morning and I threw it out of the bedroom hoping he would go behave himself and stop tormenting me (he's famous for practicing Civil War medicine on my wife and I when we are our most vulnerable) and instead he brought it back.  This continued until I wore him out and he decided a nap was in order.  Now I'm having to chuck this thing at an angle so it makes it down the stairs and I have time to type.  

    On a completely different note, here is the latest version of Doktor A's Bella Delamere figure from Arts Unknown.  "The Unwound Automaton" will be going on sale today exclusively from Mintyfresh at 9pm Amsterdam time (which would be 3pm in New York and 12pm in LA in case you were wondering).  Who doesn't love a woman with tentacles?  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Toxic Green "Punk's Not Dead" Skelevex Releases Tomorrow

    I know what you're thinking.  You're wondering "Chris, why did you post so late today?"  The answer is because I had to pretend to be an adult and go buy tires.  Pretty useless right?  I'd rather be buying toys and stuff I really want, but instead I dropped $300 on new tires and an alignment to make my car a little less death-trapy.  Being a responsible grown up is crappy. 

    Some days I just want to get a face tattoo and play my guitar until the neighbors call the cops and then I'll be belligerent and get arrested and use my one phone call to order Chinese food that I won't even eat and they couldn't deliver to me in jail anyway.  Damn the man!!!!!!  Or maybe I could shave my head into a sweet mohawk like the Punk's Not Dead Skelevex have.  I don't think I could get my hair to look as geometric though.  The world is unfair I tell you!  

    These go on sale tomorrow (Friday May 30th) at 11pm BDT only through and are limited to 9 pieces.  

Unpainted Glow Toxigon Lottery from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

    How is it everyone that lives in New Jersey doesn't look like this?  This place is littered with toxic waste super fund sites and enough wilderness to hide plenty Hills Have Eyes-looking characters, so maybe we do have our fair share of mutants lurking in the shadows.  If any of those mutants are reading this, please feel free to move to the beaches and live under the boardwalks, where you will be able to eat your fill of seagulls and tourists, both of which are equally as annoying.  Though admittedly, I have never had a tourist poop on my head.  That's not to say they wouldn't though, and I believe in taking a preventative stance.

   You've seen the pictures.  You've been drooling on your internet device for months.  Now you can actually own the latest figure from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore: Toxigon!!!!!!!  And this one is special because not only does he glow in the dark and will light your way to the bathroom when you have to pee late at night, but he's a little different from future releases because the mold was changed after two runs were made.  That will make this guy uber collectable.  The only way you can get one is by winning the chance to purchase it.  There is a lottery open now at that closes just before midnight so you gotta decide quickly on this one.  Go on, you know you want one.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Trailer

I'd like to sum up how I feel about this with one picture:

Phase4 MADL Variants from MAD Available This Friday

    You know what drives me crazy?  Well, a lot of things do actually, and seeing as how I have to go to work soon, I don't have enough time to tell you them all.  Plus I don't want my therapist to get jealous.  One of the things that drives me bonkers are variant figures that I can never get.  Usually they're packaged blind box and you have to buy 50 of them to get every version, or they're an exclusive to some convention and 90% of them end up on eBay for more than a car payment.  That's why I have such a great appreciation for MAD and what he is doing here.  Sure he made some variant figures of his popular Phase4 MADLs, but he's not making you go broke or insane to get them.  Instead he packaged em all together and will be offering them for sale on his website this Friday, May 30th.  $100 will get you all three and you'll still have the rest of the day to go fishing, or nap, or whatever.  

"My Brother Was a Hero" from Jermaine Rogers x Kidrobot

     I just watched that documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply about our privacy on the internet (spoiler alert: there is none) and how people are using your activity online against you.  Whether it is a potential employer who doesn't share your love for twerking videos, or the police who take your homicidal Twitter rantings very seriously, you are always being watched and what you say can and will be used against you.  That's what makes me a little nervous about this toy.  I've got to do my best to avoid key buzzwords that will put me on some permanent cavity search list every time I even think about traveling.  

     This raccoon has obviously had a bad day and is intent on sharing it with everyone in his immediate vicinity.  Kidrobot and Jermaine Rogers are set to release this critter that's about to go boom tomorrow at Insomnia in Houston, Texas.  Which makes me think the rest of the world will also be able to get their hands on him then.  And there's a brown one too, which is supposedly the regular version and the all black one is the variant.  I'm solving more mysteries than Scooby Doo over here people.  

And oh look, here is the brown one:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moon Seedlings from Taylored Curiosities x Sergey Safonov

    Look how peaceful these Seedlings are.  One is chilling in a boat, taking in all that nature has to offer, while the other little guy is all like "no, you go ahead, I'm perfectly good right here on the shore, where the risk of drowning is the lowest."  He's a bit of a worrier underneath his calm demeanor.  

Taylored Curiosities teamed up with Sergey Safonov to create this limited set of porcelain Moon Seedlings.  Pretty fancy huh?  Add some much needed serenity to you life by visiting

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jason Voorhees Bishoujo Statue from Kotobukiya

    If Jason Voorhees really looked like this, no guy would mind that she was out murdering campers for fun.  And you could totally overlook the fact that she wanted to keep her mother's rotting head in the garage out back.  As long as she didn't kill you and she at least wiped most of the gore off of her before turning in for the night.  Because as a man, you can justify a lot of bad behavior in a woman as long as she's hot.  I'm not saying it's right, I'm merely providing a commentary on the state of the human race.  

    Kotobukiya has just released these photos of their Bishoujo-inspired homage to Camp Crystal Lake's most notorious drowning victim/supernatural revenge killer and the results are pretty stunning.  She's not slated for release until November, but that gives you time to save your monies.   

Semi Korosiya from D-Lux x Cop a Squat Toys

    Has anyone else been watching Fargo on FX?  That show is great, but it's not a really good advertisement for Minnesota tourism.  While all the folks seem nice, the landscape (especially during the winter) seems like somewhere you would be sentenced to after being convicted of a felony.  And yes, I know it's just a tv show, but the place looks depressing.  The government there should scratch up some funds to make a show that's set during the summer so the rest of the world doesn't think that it is the ice planet Hoth 12 month out of the year and the only fun things to do are catch frostbite and murder folks.  Make me love you Minnesota.  

    I think if I had to live there I would have D-Lux come over and paint the inside of my house to combat the drabness outside.  Just look at the job he did on this Semi Korosiya from Cop A Squat Toys.  How could you not be in a good mood looking at this?  Buy one for yourself when they go on sale this Saturday, May 24th, at noon Eastern time from  They are limited to only 8 pieces.   

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tyrion Lannister from threezero

    How good is Game of Thrones this season?  It's physically killing me that I can't just watch every episode back to back, because they have ended every one with some pretty sweet cliff hangers.  I watched the first three seasons on DVD in a matter of days and that really spoiled me, cause I could just look at my wife at the end of every episode and get the visual cue for the next one.  This time around I have to quickly change the channel so we don't miss the start of Mad Men, which is like a warm down exercise so we can sleep.  

    Anytime a show is successful there's going to be a ton of merchandise that you'll be able to buy, but no other figure will ever compare to the quality you'll get from threezero.  Sure, they won't be as cheap as something you'd find at Toys R Us, but once you get one in the mail you'll never regret your purchase.  These things feature real clothes, amazing sculpts, and even extra parts to change the look of the toy.  The first figure in their Game of Thrones line is Tyrion Lannister, who pretty much steals the show every time he's in it.  You'll be able to preorder the real savior of King's Landing starting May 26th at 9am Hong Kong time at  

Little Maddie Kickstarter from Bigshot Toyworks x Tenacious Toys

    I have a confession to make.  I've never backed a Kickstarter before.  I write about them all the time but I've never been able to pull the trigger.  That being said, HOLY CRAP WHERE IS MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!  I've been waiting for this thing for months, and I'm going to take a moment and actually back this campaign right now, in real time, while you're reading this.  Give me a sec......................................................................................................................... Done.  I think that might be the first time that has ever happened on any toy blog.  Look at me, breaking boundaries and whatnot.  Alert the media so I can start doing interviews about how much of a pioneer I was today, to actually back a crowd funded toy as I was in the middle of writing about it.  

   Little Maddie is the brilliant creation of Bigshot Toyworks, combining The adorableness of My Little Pony with the classic tales of H.P. Lovecraft.  They teamed up with Tenacious Toys to start a campaign so this crazed horse can see the light of day.  If this one is successful they already have designs ready for four more that will mimic the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  This needs to happen people!!!!  Go, right now, to this link and fund this project cause I need this toy!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lemon Drop Dunny from Andrew Bell x Kidrobot

    Some days you can rack your brain for something witty to say and it just won't come to you.  No matter how long I sit and stare at the screen, my mind is focused on nothing but the Sisyphean task that awaits me at work today.  If only I had a boulder to roll uphill, at least I'd be totally ripped by the end of it.  

    By the end of this week I will have desperately needed to reward myself, if for nothing more than not caving my skull in by beating my head against a wall.  If I make it to Thursday I'm going to totally pick up one of these Lemon Drop Dunnys from Andrew Bell and Kidrobot.  Unlike my current disposition, its bright and sunny and would look marvelous amid the rest of my collection.  It's gonna be a long week, but this can be the light at the end of my dark and frustrating tunnel.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

Devilman NapNapNap from Cop A Squat Toys Releases Tonight!

    I can't tell if NagNagNag from Cop a Squat Toys is in the middle of getting robbed or has just jumped out from behind a bush to scare the crap out of someone.  Or maybe he wants a hug.  Or maybe I over think these things because it's pouring rain on my day off and that has depressed me, which leads my mind to wander into the realm of dumb.  

    Who cares what this dude is doing, just know that he is awesome and available for sale tonight at 7pm Eastern time at for $70

You Think You Love Toys? Check Out Zack Ryder's Wrestling Collection

    WWE just posted an article up with a ton of photos of superstar Zack Ryder's wrestling toy collection.  Check out all the stuff you wish you had by visiting  

A Plethora of Releases from Paul Kaiju This Wekend

    Forget your student loans!  Tell the electric company to shove it where the sun don't shine!  Steal gas from your neighbor's car at night!  Do what you have to because Paul Kaiju has a buttload of stuff going on sale this weekend that you need!  How much is a buttload?  It's a unit of measure, commonly used in the Southern United States, that indicates an amount that while fathomable, still blows your mind a bit.  

    All that you see above will be going on sale tomorrow, which is Saturday the 17th.  At 1pm Pacific time you will be able to purchase the Mockshock set, which includes a Mockbat and Mockpilot or you could get a Red Ree with all the fixins.  At 3pm Pacific time you can snag a glow in the dark Mockpilot  or a Chibi Jinx.  

Moving on to Sunday.  Beginning at noon Pacific time you can enter a lottery to purchase one of these Dark Blue Mockbats:

    The lottery is open until noon Pacific time on Monday and then you'll be notified if you won the opportunity to buy one or not.  

2014 Dunny Series from Kidrobot

    Let the love/hate/yearning/complaining begin as Kidrobot has posted the artwork that will be featured in this year's 2014 Dunny Series.  The set is entitled "The Art of War" so every design follows said theme.  Personally, I like the old series that were just random designs cause I feel you got more of a variety then.  I've also been collecting toys long enough to know that you can't determine how something is going to look in person based on their mock ups.  You miss out on all the sculpting and paint detailing, which really makes or breaks a figure.  

    One figure that is an obvious omission from the ones you see above is the Huck Gee design that they teased earlier:

    My guess would be that this is going to be the case exclusive figure that will only be available if you buy a full box of em.  He's been their biggest artist the entire year, so it makes sense they would dangle that carrot to entice you towards a bigger and more immediate purchase.  Those of us that wait will end up paying big time for it on eBay.  These will release sometime next month.  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Masked Diggler from Splurrt x Devil's Head Productions

    My wife Sharon used to manage a video game store and she would always come home with great stories about her staff and the weird people that would grace them with their often insane presence.  I could dedicate another entire website to the funny stories she had, but one of my favorites that I wish I had more reasons to quote, was the time she was trying to get an employee to do something and he kept asking her "why".  After a few minutes of back and forth her patience had run as thin as OJ's alibi, and she said to him in what was her most menacing voice "if you don't do it I'm going to rip your face off and wear it as a Halloween mask"!  She had completely unleashed her inner Ed Gein on this dude and I was never more proud.  She's probably gonna be pissed I told the world about this, but it's what the people want to read.  Or they want to read about sparkly vampires, I really don't know and am pretty out of touch.

    Splurrt's Diggler has decided that he is going to cosplay as Devil's Head Productions Alavaka for this convention season.  It's a cool idea that combines two of my favorite toys.  It's like, packed with plastic value, or something.  These suckers are going to sell out quickly, so if you want one you better  clear your commitments for this Saturday, May 17, when they go on sale through

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bad Ass: Mecha Edition from Kronk x Pobber Toys

    I just watched Pacific Rim the other day and I really enjoyed it.  Lots of good action, the CGI was impressive, and I didn't fall asleep even once.  The one thing about it that was really freaky was that the kaiju would take these massive poops and entire cities would be contaminated.  That was the real threat if you ask me.  Sure they may stomp you to death, or spit acid all over your apartment building, but who wants to die from a giant turd?  And how in the hell are you going to clean something up the size of Madison Square Garden when everyone is out building a stupid fence trying to keep these dudes out?  The answer, my friends, is in front of us.

    Not only would giant robot monkeys be pretty awesome at clobbering otherworldly monsters, but they are world class poo throwers.  I've been to the zoo, I've seen it.  So the monkeys could use the kaiju's own waste material against it like some bacteria-ridden snow ball fight.  Ok, the more I've thought about this the more I realize this is a gross and terrible idea.  Forget I said anything.  

    Kronk x Pobber Toys will be unleashing their own mecha monkey this Friday.  And this is one giant piece of plastic.  You might have to reinforce your toy shelf so he doesn't collapse it.  So first make a trip to the Home Depot and get some extra shelf brackets, then log onto and get yourself one of these.   

A Clockwork Carrot: Supervillain Edition from Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toys

    Why so serious?  I usually take giant bunnies who carry bloody knives and crowbars pretty seriously.  Something just doesn't seem pure about their intentions.  And giant bunnies don't even need weapons soaked in their victim's genetic makeup to be freaky.  Most of those dudes at the mall that want you to sit on their lap for Easter photos are pretty freakish looking.  They are instantly believable as remorseless killers.  Kinda like clowns, or politicians.  But then you dress one up as Batman's arch nemesis and you give him some toys to play with and there is no doubt that this bunny has more than chocolate eggs on his mind.

    Speaking of Batman, have you seen the picture of Ben Affleck all dressed up in his armor?  I'm still holding onto hope that they were just kidding about him being Batman and secretly Christian Bale is still the guy.  But then I think that a Batman/Superman crossover is gonna be dumb anyway, so who cares if Ben Affleck is really the Dark Knight?  No, I still care and it still saddens me.  Moving on.

    Ok, so these things go on sale Friday, May 16th at midnight in Tokyo.  That means if you live in LA, this killer bunny clown from Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy will be available to you May 15th at 7am, 10am for those of you in New York, and 3pm in the UK.  I know it's kinda confusing, but if you want one you gotta be prepared and I'll help you as much as I can.  Just don't ask me for money, cause I don't want to have to laugh at you.  


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Resin Bobcat Skulls from DuBose Art x NoveltyHaus

    I am pretty sure the kittens we rescued back in November are some type of wild hybrid cats.  My theory stems from the fact that the male kitten was neutered in April and has actually gotten crazier.  He literally bounces off of the walls as he races around the house and only sleeps for maybe 10 minutes at a time.  The actual day of his surgery we were told that they would both be groggy and just want to rest, but as soon as he gets home it's like Monday Night Raw in our living room.  We either have a zoo creature on our hands or some sort of otherworldly entity has entered our cat's body to realize his plan of world domination.  

"There is no Jorah, there is only Zuul!!!"

    Rather than getting your kittens from the woods you might want to start out with something easier to manage, like a resin bobcat skull from DuBose Art and my favorite store in Baltimore, NoveltyHaus.  What you will miss out on in snuggle time you will gain back in savings on vet trips and poop sand.  And it glows in the dark!!!  Snag one of these impressive specimens this Friday, May 16th, at 5pm Eastern time from  

    You should get some real kitties too in case you don't have any.  Or if you do have some get a few more.  They make life much more interesting.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

WWR Evol Darwin Rothchild from 3A Available Now!!!

    This guy looks as if he's had a bad day.  He also looks as if he's searching for a way to express his feelings about said bad day.  I think if I saw him I would try not to make eye contact and hope that is enough for him not to shoot you in the face.  Darwin Rothchild is done taking your crap.  

    Why is no one making films about the characters of the 3A universe?  This dude looks like the perfect anti-hero that would make you feel sort of guilty when you root for him.  If I knew anyone that could make it happen I'd be all over it.  You could preorder him today though and make your own stop-motion film.  Head over to while they're still available and then take the time to learn the fine art of motion capture to produce your own blockbuster.  Or you could just put him on your shelf and be impressed by your awesome taste.  That works too.  

Norse Mythology Teething Toys from Helles Teeth

    By now you've probably figured out that baby toys are pretty far removed from the stuff I normally talk about.  In fact,  I'm not sure anyone under the age of 18 or without a healthy dose of mental illness should be reading this site.  Just kidding, I'm delightful.  I get emails all the time about different products that people want me to write about.  Most of them are from people who have obviously never looked at my site based on the stuff they sent me.  And while teething toys are really way out there, they actually contacted me on purpose!  I guess my name helped a bit, as these are based on three prominent figures in Norse mythology.  Anything that helps to keep those old stories alive for a new generation of people I'm all for, and really these things are pretty cool and I would buy every one of them if I had a kid.  

    You pretty much have zero chance of raising a child that will turn out lame if they start out chewing on Thor's hammer.  There's also one featuring Odin's horse Sleipnir, and the Midgard Serpent that your little one can wage their own Ragnarok on.  In order for these to become real products your help is needed.  There is a Kickstarter page that is very close to being funded and you can help it reach it's goal by clicking here.  Do it for the glory of Asgard!!!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

She Predator Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles

    I can honestly say I had no idea anything like this was going on in the Predator universe.  I mean, I guess baby Predators had to come from somewhere.  I still have no idea how this semi-naked huntress figures into things, but I'm not mad about it.  The entirety of the internet is based on the two C's:  cats and cleavage, and while I don't notice and feline critters roaming around, this figure has an ample amount of the latter.  I can here the collective rejoicing of fan boys everywhere as they realize they can preorder this premium format figure from Sideshow Collectibles on May 15th.  If you're going to be hunted and killed as a trophy, it would be much better to have her do it than one of her gross faced counterparts.  At least you can die with a smile on your face.  

Spring Ver. 1 Ammonaito from Mechavirus Available Now!!!!

    Did you see that new video of those dudes in a rubber boat trying to film a great white shark when the thing decides to EAT THEIR BOAT?  Further, documented proof, that the sea is trying to kill us.  We've been placated by the ocean's propaganda films (like Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid) to believe that everything is all singing and dancing down there.  But I know the truth.  I know that we are nothing but tasty morsels just out of their reach.

    Look at these guys.  I'm not sure whether they want to be friends our want to make houses out of our skulls.  They are nice to look at though, and thankfully made of plastic unlike their more murderous underwater kin folk.  You can add one of these Ammonaito figures from Mechavirus to your collection this very instant.  No, seriously, they just went on sale and I was refreshing the website to make sure they didn't sell out before I finished this post. Go now to before they sell out.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Amanda Louise Spayd's Secret Society Sale

     My house is filled with dust bunnies.  Not like, filled to the point where I'm wading knee deep in them to try and reach other rooms, but enough that if a light breeze were to come by a few fairly large specimens would most likely skitter across the floor.  Our five cats seem to shed like there were Olympic medals and the glory of their country at stake.  And there will be times that you miss vacuuming under something and all the dust bunnies will congregate under there until they form something that resembles a witch's Halloween wig.  On those days of discovery a few episodes of Hoarders always makes me feel better about my house keeping abilities.  

    Not all dust bunnies are a source of shame though.  Amanda Louise Spayd has been making them for years and people go nuts to own them.  I really like the little resin versions, called Pipsqueaks, the best and a bunch of them will be going on sale tomorrow along with more of her original work.   Visit her site at for more information including pictures, prices, and on sale times.  

Terror Boys Ooze No. 13 from Brandt Peters and Ferg

    Well, if your kids are looking at this they will most likely never be able to sleep again, so say hello to the rest of your life taking them back and forth to therapy.  He's not too terrifying really, until he puts that sack over his head and his eyes become vacant holes.  That is the stuff of nightmares.  

    That being said, this is by far my favorite version in the Terror Boys Ooze line from Brandt Peters and Ferg.  You can't go wrong with a Freddy sweater, a burlap sack, and a few sharp objects meant for dicing up misbehaving teenagers.  I don't have any idea how much one of these will cost, but I do know that they go on sale this Monday, May 12, at noon Central time through  

Fun With Google Searches


     You know I sometimes like to look at the strange searches that lead people to this website.  Today I have a few gems.  The first search phrase was "crickets chirping cartoon."  I have no idea what that has to do with me, but I hope you enjoyed your visit.  My favorite one though, is "Alex is weird".  I couldn't begin to imagine what that person hoped to accomplish by searching that.  Maybe they just wanted to be sure that their feelings about Alex's weirdness were valid.  Maybe they were on some sort of mind altering substance.  We may never know.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Limited Amount of 3A Mighty Squares to Be Offered at Bambaland Store

    This is one of those times that searching Google for a time zone converter comes in really handy.  A limited amount of Mighty Squares from 3A are going on sale May 8th at 9am Hong Kong time.  That translates to 9pm on May 7th (or tonight if you prefer) Eastern time.  Oh, look at that, I already did all the hard work for you.  Unless you don't live in either time zone, in which case you have to do the hard work.  Sorry about that.  Kiss your credit cards for good luck and pray to the toy goods to smile upon you.  

Cashmere Blue Porcelain Skull from NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    I don't know if they still make these or not, but remember those popsicles that told half of a joke on the handle and you didn't get the punch line that was hiding underneath until you finished eating it?  I wish that's how our skulls worked.  That after you were dead it would reveal some amazing design on your cranium.  It would certainly make the medical examiner's job more fun:

    "Upon exposing the skull, the deceased had a picture of the Tasmanian Devil holding a Confederate flag with the words Git Er Done written below it."

    I have simple dreams that will never come true, cause you can't get a Kickstarter going to make that happen.  What you can do is pick up one of these porcelain skulls from NooN x K. Olin Tribu.  It's much less messy than going out and harvesting your own skulls, plus the result is much nicer looking.  This Cashmere Blue edition goes up for preorder today at 6pm French time, which equals to 2pm in New York and 9am in Los Angeles.  They are limited to only 50 pieces and can be found at  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Clear Predator Pop! Vinyl from Funko x Gemini Collectibles

    I hope we never discover the trick to becoming invisible.  There are already enough creepy folks out there filming our every moves and the last thing we need is to make it easier for them.  Think about it, if you could be invisible what good would it do you other than to be able to creep around and be a weirdo.  Now if they could invent a way for me to shoot fireballs from the palm of my hands without the need of some mechanical device that would be cool.

   You know why Predators need to be invisible?  Cause they want to kill you.  And look at you in the shower.  They're the perviest of all alien species.  Funko and Gemini Collectibles are offering up this clear Predator Pop! Vinyl for preorder right now, so you should totally buy one and forget all that other stuff I just said.

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Mastodon Album and Video Featuring Art from Skinner

    Are you ready to have your face melted off by the otherworldly riffage of Mastodon?  Are you ready to turn your brain upside down in your skull as the artwork of Skinner comes to life?  Put on your big boy pants, call out sick from work, and get ready to unleash the fury of the cosmos.  

Gacha Mini Set from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    Look at these tiny wittle baby monsters.  They're so cute you would never suspect that they could grow up one day and wreck the city you live in.  Remember when people used to buy baby alligators cause they were cute then they'd wake up one day and they couldn't shower anymore because a blood-thirsty reptile was living in their bathtub?  And people would flush them down the toilets before they got to big so everyone thought their were these mutant lizards living in our sewer systems that would one day rise and enact their revenge for being abandoned and not shown the proper motherly love that all creatures need.  There's no therapy programs for alligators with a bad childhood.

    Paul Kaiju and Toy Art Gallery are releasing this gacha mini set featuring some of his most well known characters.  You can pick them up for $60 a set or $15 individually.  For those of you math impaired (I double checked my calculations 6 times) that means you get one figure for free by opting for the set.  They go on sale today at noon Pacific time at

We Become Monsters Releases Dread Box Today!!!!!!

    Do you know what you can get for $6 these day?  You can't get two gallons of gas, or enough candy bars to make you feel sick.  There's really now much that you can do with such a paltry sum of money. Unless, that is, you want to buy a cool little resin toy that you can own for the rest of your life.  That's right folks, for a mere $6 you can own something unique and handmade that there aren't 10,000 of.  We Become Monsters is releasing the Dread Box today at 2pm Pacific time.  It stands an inch tall, is limited to only 25 pieces, and each one is completely different.  Skip that trip to Taco Bell and it's ensuing stomach distress and get yourself something cool instead.  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nadsat Boy Beethoven Edition from Kenth Toy Works x Toy Art Gallery

    During the day, when I'm not attempting to write witty, thought-provoking posts about toys that I like, I make eyeglasses.  Not that you've ever asked before, but I am all about full disclosure and ruining whatever mystery I may have left about myself.  I just can't resist destroying my own enigma.  You're probably shocked by the fact that this blog hasn't led to bathtubs full of money and pet zebras, which honestly I am too, but I enjoy my job.  People manage to do some crazy stuff to their eyes and their glasses, most of which keeps me elbow deep in hand sanitizer at all times.  I didn't think there would be so many germs!  

   Thinking about eyeballs all day has left a special place in my heart for this figure from Kenth Toy Works.  His tribute to A Clockwork Orange is one of the more original I've seen and Toy Art Gallery will be releasing this Beethoven edition of it tomorrow, May 2nd, at noon Pacific time.  As if this needs to be said, I am always, and shamelessly, open to all presents you would like to buy me.  Starting your shopping here would be a good idea.  

NewEva by Ajee x Bonustoyz x Mighty Jaxx

    I really love the work of Ajee.  When her Kosplay figure was announced I preorded one the moment I was able to.  It's still one of my favorite toys I own, if you can really even call it that.  Her work is much closer to fine art than it is anything you would find in Toys R Us, and though her releases do not happen often, they are always striking.  For this NewEva piece she teamed with the folks at Mighty Jaxx and the results speak for themselves.  The baseball cap makes this figure lean in a much more urban direction, which I'm normally not into, but for some reason I don't mind so much here.  It reads as more of a disguise than it does a nod to self indulgent, brand name culture.  The figure is 6 inches tall and is available to preorder right now from the Bonustoyz website here.  

Quackula from Healeymade Makes His Vinyl Debut Tonight

    We have this touristy village-like place near where I live where people used to feed all of the geese that hung out there.  The place was overrun with these giant, lazy birds looking for a handout.  Think of Times Square in the 80's but without as many hookers.  Well God forbid if you didn't have anything to feed these geese because they would follow you everywhere you went and bite the crap out of you to get your attention.  And you couldn't walk any faster to get away from them, because they laid these human size turds everywhere that you really didn't want to track into your car, so you're dodging poop landmines while these real life angry birds are trying to give you avian flu cause you weren't nice enough to stuff a couple slices of bread in your pockets before you left the house.  Thankfully, they finally banned people from feeding them and the little low lifes moved on to ply their criminal trade elsewhere. 

   The moral of this story is that bird bites hurt, but thankfully they don't actually have sharp fangs like this Quackula figure from Healeymade.  This blood-thirsty water fowl stands 7 inches tall and is made from glorious Japanese soft vinyl.  You can get one tonight when they go on sale at 8pm Eastern time at