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Friday, August 12, 2016

"Defaced" Custom Skelevex Die Orama Series featuring Hoakser

    I could have sworn when I was preparing my extensive research about these (aka reading my emails) that the price must be a typo.  You can get a handmade Skelevex figure, with custom artwork from British graffiti dude Hoakser, and it will only run you about $19 plus shipping?  I feel like this should be a late night tv infomercial and I should be telling you how this is  once in a lifetime deal, and people that don't take advantage of it will tell their grandkids how they could have left them one in their will but they were too lame to pull the trigger.  Don't be the person that has to look at the disappointed face of their grandchild.

     These little dudes are killer and look like they were just plucked fresh from that particular section of town that you always see on the morning news.  Snatch one up for yourself by visiting on Saturday, August 13th at 6pm bst.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Skelevex Spectrum: Series One Episode One On Sale Today!

    It seems like everyone has one of those mystery box subscription thingys now where some random assortment of junk gets mailed to your house every month and you hope you at least like one thing out of the entire lot to have made it worthwhile.  I hate those things.  I hate spending my money on something generic that people in an office put together because "you're into nerdy stuff so you'd obviously want this Captain America door hanger and Star Trek air freshner".  Well guess what smarty pants, I don't.  So go ahead and throw it away for me and I'll keep my money to myself.  Not that I have strong feelings about these sorts of things.

    If you're going to do a subscription service you gotta do that sucker right, like with these Skelevex releases.  Buying into their subscription service (which you only have until June 26th to do by the way) will get you a brand new geometric skull every month plus a free bonus one only available to those that subscribe.  If you have a problem with commitment, you can also buy them individually, starting with the Grape edition you see here.  This guy will be available starting today at 1pm BST at  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shallow Grave Mummy Skelevex to be Unearthed on Halloween

    It looks like someone had a productive day in the yard.  How long do you think it will be before every square inch of populated land on Earth will have a dead body under it?  I feel that this is one of those things that could be solved by an equation of some sort that is well beyond anything I'm willing to risk bruising my brain to figure out.  But I would assume with the way people are breeding there's got to be some point in time where its gonna happen.  It will be so commonplace that they'll probably have to issue everyone a new type of recycling bin just to throw old bones in whenever they find them.  Unearthed human remains pick up will be every other Wednesday or they will make special trips if you call in advance cause your bin is overflowing after digging for your new pool.  

    We're a long ways away from all of our backyards being as rich with marrow as the Paris catacombs, but people do make unexpected finds every once in a while when planting a new rose bush.  And these Skelevex look like they are ready to give some unsuspecting gardener the scare of their lives.  Only six of these "Shallow Grave Mummy" versions exist and you can snag one on Halloween (that's this Friday!!!) at 11:59 GMT at this link.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pneuma Custom Skelevex Series from The Graphix Chick

    I'm getting ready to go ahead and invent something right now that I'm gonna need you to not steal or that if you do steal it you give me a lot of money in return.  Replacement skulls.  Now hear me out.  The skull we're born with is pretty awesome, until the moment we decide to test its durability doing something stupid.  You back up your files on your computer, so why not back up the thing that protects your brain?  We could give you a CT scan, 3D print an exact replica of the thing, you could use it as decoration until the time comes that you need it, and voila, instant cranial replacement.  Ok, I'm not stupid and do realize you can't just go around swapping your skull out for some plastic replacement, but  the idea is still a cool one, and is reasonably sound for some alternate science fiction universe that we don't happen to live in.  I'm trying to make our lives more interesting, people!!!!

    So while decorating your house with skulls serves no practical purpose in the event that you crack your melon, they still look nice.  May I suggest adding to your collection these custom Skelevex resin skulls from The Graphix Chick?  Each one is unique and will be available this Sunday through her website at  Now you just have to decide which one you like best, which if I was good at deciding that I wouldn't have a house full of toys that I bought because I couldn't just pick one thing.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Toxic Green "Punk's Not Dead" Skelevex Releases Tomorrow

    I know what you're thinking.  You're wondering "Chris, why did you post so late today?"  The answer is because I had to pretend to be an adult and go buy tires.  Pretty useless right?  I'd rather be buying toys and stuff I really want, but instead I dropped $300 on new tires and an alignment to make my car a little less death-trapy.  Being a responsible grown up is crappy. 

    Some days I just want to get a face tattoo and play my guitar until the neighbors call the cops and then I'll be belligerent and get arrested and use my one phone call to order Chinese food that I won't even eat and they couldn't deliver to me in jail anyway.  Damn the man!!!!!!  Or maybe I could shave my head into a sweet mohawk like the Punk's Not Dead Skelevex have.  I don't think I could get my hair to look as geometric though.  The world is unfair I tell you!  

    These go on sale tomorrow (Friday May 30th) at 11pm BDT only through and are limited to 9 pieces.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seen at NYCC 2013: Tenacious Toys

    One of my favorite places to stop and gawk at New York Comic Con is the Tenacious Toys booth.  Benny always manages to get the most diverse group of exclusives together and present up and coming artists in a way that makes them look like super stars.  I would dare say that he is the first guy to ever hold signing events with artists who were making toys in their basements and not just the guys who were designing for the huge companies.  Tenacious Toys is like a great indie rock label that has all the majors waiting in the shadows to see what he does next.  And judging by the response they were getting all weekend, he's definitely doing something right that they aren't.  

    Their booth was loaded to the brim with exclusives that spanned the worlds of resin, plush, and vinyl.   A lot of stuff sold out, but there will be some leftovers available this week.  Sign up for their newsletter by going to so you can get in on them.  Meanwhile, check out some more pictures.