Friday, September 19, 2014

Pneuma Custom Skelevex Series from The Graphix Chick

    I'm getting ready to go ahead and invent something right now that I'm gonna need you to not steal or that if you do steal it you give me a lot of money in return.  Replacement skulls.  Now hear me out.  The skull we're born with is pretty awesome, until the moment we decide to test its durability doing something stupid.  You back up your files on your computer, so why not back up the thing that protects your brain?  We could give you a CT scan, 3D print an exact replica of the thing, you could use it as decoration until the time comes that you need it, and voila, instant cranial replacement.  Ok, I'm not stupid and do realize you can't just go around swapping your skull out for some plastic replacement, but  the idea is still a cool one, and is reasonably sound for some alternate science fiction universe that we don't happen to live in.  I'm trying to make our lives more interesting, people!!!!

    So while decorating your house with skulls serves no practical purpose in the event that you crack your melon, they still look nice.  May I suggest adding to your collection these custom Skelevex resin skulls from The Graphix Chick?  Each one is unique and will be available this Sunday through her website at  Now you just have to decide which one you like best, which if I was good at deciding that I wouldn't have a house full of toys that I bought because I couldn't just pick one thing.  

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