Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Greatest Custom Dunny I Have Ever Seen Courtesy of Jon-Paul Kaiser

    I don't feature a lot of custom toys on this site and it's not because I don't like them.  I have a limited amount of time to work on this thing each day and there's just way too much out there for me to keep track of.  But there was no way I was gonna let this one pass by without me worshipping at it's little plastic feet.  This Moby Dick inspired Dunny is the creation of Jon-Paul Kaiser and is, and I'm not exaggerating this, the best one I've ever seen.  If I worked at Kidrobot I would be scrambling to make this a production figure so I can buy it.  And I can't be the only one who would throw down some cash for the chance at owning this stunning figure.  Make it so!!!!!!!

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