Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Super7 Godzilla Exclusives for San Diego Comic Con


     Super7 has been absolutely killing it with everything they do involving Godzilla. And by “it” I mean my statement balance from my credit cards as I convince myself rather easily how much I need all of it. They’ve been my favorite toy company for a long time, but the creative releases they’ve managed to come up with for the world’s best Kaiju just cements that status even more. Now obviously I want everything you’re going to see here, but I’m gonna start with my top 3 must haves that will still allow me to pay my electric next month.  Let us begin.

      Thus far I’ve managed to display my previously acquired figured outside of their packaging, despite the part of me that screams a little to keep them mint. The packaging on this two figure set from Godzilla vs. Megalon is such perfection that it will go into my display case as is and remain that way until my eventual estate sale. I mean come on, I would show this off like people show pictures of their kids, it’s that beautiful. 

    Who came up with this, because this is the kind of genius that could successfully run a a small country. This ReAction figure is of course inspired by the iconic Aurora model kit and is about the coolest thing I’ve seen today. This is will open because it looks too good next to the box to leave it hidden away. These kits came in a few different colors over the years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if more are in the pipeline. Not that I have any insider info on that because no one tells me anything, even though I still haven’t said a word about how Andy Jordan was the one smoking a joint in the bathroom in eighth grade that set the fire alarm off and forced us to evacuate when it was raining. Taking that one to the grave, Andy!

     Wait a second, this isn’t even a toy. How did a t-shirt sneak its way into my top 3? Just because you didn’t know I was into fashion, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. This Hedorah shirt from Chris Lee is sure to get me on every best dressed list that matters and probably a few that are a little bit suspect. Never has a destructive smog monster been so adorable and I can’t wait to wear it proudly as I convince my wife that my mental health relies on plastic monster toys to stay rooted in the “all good” zone. Lady Gaga says I was born this way so I don’t know what to tell you. 

    Below you will see the rest of their Godzilla goodies that I’m trying to talk myself out of but will inevitable fail at and end up getting anyway. I mean, I’m doing the best I can over here. These will all be available at San Diego Comic Con at booth number 2543 and online on July 29th at

Monday, May 27, 2024

We Are Now a Super7 Affiliate


    If you read the title then you know that this very website is now a Super7 affiliate! That means that when you buy all your sexy Super7 figures, you should do so by clicking that little logo you see on your right hand side. Each time you, do Super7 helps me feed my cats and I can assure you these suckers eat a lot! It’s either that or one of them is gonna have to start selling paw pics online cause we need to monetize.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Spirit and Ether Legacy Labbits from Frank Kozik


     Doing this whole blog thing has been a way for me to consistently write outside of an academic setting about stuff that I liked. Each figure is a prompt where I can exercise my creativity and form narratives around objects that didn’t necessarily have them already. Even if they did I’d at minimum try and come up with some weird way in which I could tie an aspect of them to my life and tell a ridiculous story in the process. I’ve written about having to get rabies shots, drug use, medical procedures, and other wacky thing I could think of just for a cheap laugh and a modicum of recognition. Never would I have realized that Frank Kozik was paying attention to me. So much so, in fact, that when he took over as creative director of Kidrobot he asked me to write their blog posts.  I met with him at Toy Fair in New York, tried to act like I wasn’t a complete and utter idiot, and started on a journey that lasted nearly four years. I learned a lot about crafting stories to highlight products and nothing made me happier than when I wrote something that got his stamp of approval. I never told him that because I thought it would make me look uncool or like a fan who didn’t have any business doing what I was. But that was a mistake. I should have told him. I should have said exactly what I was thinking and how much the opportunity meant to me. I always figured I’d connect again with him sometime but of course that won’t happen. I know in the scheme of things my blogging was a blip on the radar of someone who stood larger than life itself, but it made me feel like I did something right. That I wasn’t just the weird kid who was always furiously writing down his ideas in a speckled notebook when he should have been taking notes in school. That the wads of scrap paper I cleaned out from my pockets everyday with random thoughts scribbled in messy script actually added up to something. Wherever his spirit may reside I’m sure they have internet access so I hope he sees it now.

    The influence of Frank Kozik will live on through the work he created and the people he inspired. It also lives through his wife Sharon, who has thankfully continued to make his iconic creations available for  all of us. This Friday will see the release of the Spirit and Legacy editions of the iconic Labbit. Each one is cast in solid resin with an ethereal smoke effect captured throughout their forms. They will retail for $500 each, are limited to one of each style per customer, and go on sale April 19th at noon Pacific time from

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Soft Vinyl Figures from Mondo


     The best thing about Godzilla is that unlike my favorite space opera, whose toys I used to collect like crazy, they don’t just keep repackaging the same figures ad nauseam. Someone is constantly redefining what Godzilla and his cohorts look like so there are always cool things that I have to buy so my brain keeps releasing those happy little chemicals. The stress of finding somewhere to put them all could be a problem, but I refuse to let that sort of negativity in my life. Besides, I haven’t even begun to display them in the bathroom yet, so there’s still room.

   The folks at Mondo are releasing two new figures inspired by the upcoming Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire film that are totally beyond any movie tie in you’ll see for sale in a big box store. There’s a place in every collection for screen-accurate replicas, but these babies are a work of pure art. 

          Both figures are massive, with Kong coming in at ten inches tall and Godzilla just a hair over that, and limited to only 400 pieces. Kong isn’t as tall, be he does come with swappable arms and an axe, cause every diva needs their accessories (I’m team Godzilla, btw).They can each be yours starting tomorrow, Thursday, March 28th. They will retail for $190 each and can be had starting at noon central time from

Concept Design and Paint by Hector Arce. Sculpt by Hector Arce and Alex Brewer. Engineering by Tommy Hodges. Packaging Design by Jordan Christianson. Photography by Robert Howell. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Memento Mori Edition Nordic Lucky Cat for Stranger Factory’s Toy Makers of Planet Earth


     Last year was hard, as I faced more loss than I have ever experienced before. Individuals that I looked up to, that I considered friends, and others that were my family departed this world and left me feeling kind of helpless. I didn’t write much, or make anything as I was consumed by feelings of grief that made those tasks nearly impossible. This is my way of moving past that and gaining whatever sense of closure you can ever feel. 

    When Stranger Factory asked me to be part of their Toy Makers of Planet Earth show I had a lot of different ideas that I wanted to execute, but this is the one that I kept returning to. The Memento Mori edition of my Nordic Lucky Cat figure is solid resin and painted in matte black. On the bottom of each is the name of someone that was special to me, written in gold, that I lost last year. Five figures representing five souls that have moved on to the next phase of existence. These will be available exclusively at the aforementioned show along with plenty of other artists who probably did something way more upbeat. 

    The show opens this Saturday, March 23rd, from noon - 4pm at: 

Stranger Factory Gallery

1431 NM HWY 313 Suite B
Algodones, NM 87001

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Realm Runners Board Game from Skinner x Jason Furie


   There are very few things in life that could ever be considered a sure thing. At this point I would usually list three gradually funnier things, but this morning when I was getting out of the shower one of my cats jumped on my back while I was hunched over drying off my legs and in the interest of him not tearing my flesh as he slid down, I remained in said position. Then I took a step forward, and hit my head on the door jam. At which point I said a few choice words, stood upright causing him to lose his grip, and was flayed like a medieval prisoner anyway. The moral of the story is I left my cleverness for the day in the skull shaped dent of my bathroom and there it shall remain for the time being.

    So other than me getting creatively injured in a feline related incident, the other sure thing in life is that this board game created by Skinner and Jason Furie has already been completely crowd funded and is guaranteed to go into production. So backing it comes with no risk of disappointment, unlike the look on Jacob Peterson’s face when I bested him in the third grade science spelling bee. You really thought you had it wrapped up with “mitochondria”? 

    As with anything Skinner involves himself in, this game looks cosmically insane. His neon Lovecraftian style is splattered all over every inch of this thing, from the box art to the boards, to the miniatures that are exclusive to the deluxe edition set. 

  While this project is fully funded, they’ve got plenty of stretch goals available to make the final product even more mind melting than what you see here. So check out this link and get in on it before you miss out and are all sad and stuff.