Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Kozik x Kidrobot Plush Labbits

    Don't we all have at least one crazy aunt who wears nothing but animal prints?  A little here and there is ok, but Aunt Junie, do you really need to look like you're a big game hunter all the time?  She cries when she sees a dead squirrel on the side of the road yet she parades around the mall like she just slaughtered a leopard.   I know we live in New Jersey but come on.
    When is animal print appropriate?  When it's on a Labbit!  Kozik and Kidrobot team up to bring us two more versions of their popular stuffed bunnies.  One is rocking a sweet cow print, while the other one is draped in it's best tiger attire, ready to accompany Aunt Junie to the VFW and loose all her money on Bingo.  These guys will be available February 9th  and will be priced at $39.95 for the 14 inch one and $17.95 for the 7 inch dude.

New Stuff Today From Max Toy Co.

     I love this cat figure!  This might be one of my favorite toys that I've never had the chance to own.  If you're lucky enough you can score one of these Kaiju Negora or the Masked Lady Darkness figure from Max Toy Co.  They release today and will surely sell out as do most of their products.  Lady Darkness is cool and all, but I've been coveting one of those cats for awhile.  I think my kitties have been inspired by this monstrosity because they've been especially bad lately.  It's like my living room is Tokyo and they're hell bent on wrecking the place like they ate a barrel of radioactive waste.  I shouldn't let them use the internet anymore I guess.  

New Shawnimals Ninja of the Month Tomorrow!

   New Ninja of the Month! New Ninja of the Month!  This ninja is here to squash all rumors that you're supposed to eat dumplings.  They are to be kept as pets!!!!!  I mean, I knew that all along, but I won't judge those who didn't.  If you don't believe me then why do I have a cage in my basement filled with pork dumplings?  It's not for the smell I'll tell you that much.
    This ninja works at the dumpling pet store, where you can get your very own doughy forever friend.  He's available Wednesday, February 1st for only $30 on the Shawnimals website.  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pocket Baseball Boy From Super7

    I loooooooooove the Mummy Boy in all of is incarnations and now Super7 is teasing us with a new version.  This is Pocket Baseball Boy and he comes complete with his own little hat and his head stitched up just like a real ball.  I'm more of a hockey fan myself, so if they ever make a version wearing a helmet and having only one tooth I'll be super down to purchase every single one (get on it guys).  But until that day, this one will definitely do.  This is just a sneak peak at what he'll look like.  Release info will probably come soon.

Dead Hand Toys Presents the Slime Gread

     Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys has been making some pretty cool resin toys for a while now, but this time he is actually allowing you to have your say in what he makes.  This little guy is called Gread, and you may have seen him before, but never has he been sitting in his own pool of slime!   Where did the slime come from?  Was it there already and he just kind of plopped down in it?  Did it come from Gread?  Does either way make it less gross?
    Starting Tuesday, January 31st, you'll be able to pick from a list of colors for both the figure and the little pool of slime he has found himself in.  Then your toy will be created and mailed out to you.  All for only $20 (plus $3 shipping).  That is an insane price for something handmade and that you had involvement in.  Check out the website here starting at noon to place your order.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Creo Design Presents Amalgam Jewellery

    Chris Alexander is a talented guy.  Not only is he the man behind Creo Design, who makes some pretty cool toys, but he has just launched a new jewelry line under the name Amalgam Jewellery.  What's really cool about these pieces is that they are 3D printed in metal.  This is done in collaboration with Shapeways, who create some really stunning products using this technology.  I'm always amazed not only at what they make, but the quality of the work.
    Chris has managed to make some pretty cool products, especially the Lego themed rings and pendants. I'm a definite Lego nerd so I love to see their product reinterpreted into something elegant.  Check out his website here for more of these subtle yet striking designs.

Disney Vinylmation Valentine Release

     The Vinylmation series of figures from Disney has created quite a stir in the world of collectables.  Some people hate them because they feel that their sacred vinyl toys are now being embraced buy the mainstream which then makes them officially "not cool".  Other people love them because it exposes and entire new group of folks to toy collecting who may have never even heard of vinyl toys, let alone considered buying one.  I am part of the latter group.  While I may not be a huge fan of Disney and I may not like a lot of the designs they come up with, I do enjoy the fact that these toys have managed to create a frenzy in the toy world and that the artists that design them get credit for their work.  Oh, an they released a pretty killer set of Star Wars figures that I would give your firstborn to own.  Now onto the news.
    This is a cool little Valentine's Day release.  The figure is designed to look like a box of chocolates and comes in a pretty nice packaging set up.  This is available now for $16.95 by clicking here.

Voltaire x Toy2r Deady Bunee Mini Qees

    Voltaire has quite the bizarre career.  Not only is he a traveling minstrel that sings what I can best describe as dark folk tales, but he also makes toys.  I can identify with that, because every time there is a new reality television series on I think I can turn it into a new career.  Thus far I've wanted to build motorcycles, have a traveling show about food, dig through people's garages and sell their junk, own a pawn shop, restore antiques, own a tattoo shop, own a shop that sells weird things, etc etc.  So I can identify with having a bunch of interests, I just don't understand how to be good at them all like Mr. Voltaire here.
    His famous Deady and arch nemesis Sleezter are getting the Mini Qee treatment this time around from Toy2r.  Being that all of his other toys have long sold out, I would expect these to do the same.  They're a nice mix of cute/sinister which is a hard line to walk design wise.  I'm digging both of them.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Living Dead Dolls for 2012

    Are you the type of person that says to yourself "Gee I wish I had a bunch more creepy, murderous little children scattered about the house"?  Well then consider today the second best day of your life, because look at all the Living Dead Dolls that are coming out in 2012.
    Just in time for Snow White and the Huntsman comes the Evil Queen and the object of her hatred, Snow White.

    There's also Chucky, who I'm sure has been the source of nightmares for many people for years.

    And these ghastly toy soldiers.  Look how disturbing they look, all lined up, waiting their turn to bite off your toys.  These will most likely be released closer to Christmas, just in time to eat your family as they gather around to open their presents.  What a grand new holiday tradition!

Two New Spikis Coming Soon From Kuso Vinyl

    Check out these tubs full of new Spiki figures from Kuso Vinyl.  I often dream about coming home and there just being boxes of toys waiting for me when I get there.  New toys though, not ones I already have that are just repackaged.  And believe me I would know cause I have insane long term toy memory.
    These are part of the ongoing Thundercraps series that reimagines some of the classic characters of a particular cartoon.  These are produced in conjunction with the amazingly talented folks at Rotobox Vinyl, who make custom toys that would blow your mind right out of your skull.  Seriously, if you go to their website to look at the stuff they make, you better be sure you don't have anything valuable behind you, because it's going to be covered in brain matter.  
     Both of these should be going on sale fairly soon, so keep your eyes peeled on the Kuso Vinyl website.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Series 3 Android Figures Coming Soon

     The Android series of figures has been a popular one thus far and with the names attached to the 3rd wave of toys, that definitely won't be changing anytime soon.  Some of the biggest names in designer vinyl are lending their talents to this platform including Huck Gee, Kronk, and Sket One.  I haven't seen pictures of the actual toys themselves yet, but I'm sure they won't suck.  I'll have more info when its available.

I Heart Guts Pop Up Store at Munky King in LA

      Do you live in the Los Angeles area?  Do you like plush organs and donating to charity?  If you said "yes" you are probably a weirdo.  Just kidding!  From February 1st-14th you can visit the I Heart Guts pop up store inside of world famous toy store Munky King.  Not only can you score some cool, fuzzy body parts for your loved one, but 10% of the sales will be donated to the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic.  So stop looking for where George Clooney buys his Chinese food and help out a great cause.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Look at New Avengers Figures From Hasbro

    Check out all these fancy pictures of the new Avengers figures from Hasbro.  These are based on the movie that comes out this summer and are some of the best looking photos with toys I've ever seen.  I wish I had something funny or clever to say about them, but I got nothing.  Not sure on the release date for these but I'll let you know when I find out.

Slate Turtum Micci from Erick Scarecrow

    Erick Scarecrow makes A LOT of toys.  I'm not even kidding.  Every day when I log onto Twitter he has 300 new things that are making their way out into the world.  I picture him having a lot of little minions just churning out toy releases while he cackles like a mad man in the background.  There are also dancing girls and hot tubs in this vision but that's beside the point.  Check out the newest edition of Turtum Micci.  This guy has a slate paint job which is all done by hand on 3 and 1/2 inches of resin.  He's only $20 and available right now for preorder by clicking here.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year Android Figures

    Just in time to celebrate the Year of the Dragon!  Check out these Chinese New Year Android figures, ready to bring you good luck all throughout 2012.  You get all 3 of them for $29 and they go on sale Wednesday, January 25th at 11am EST.  There will also be a second batch that goes on sale at 11pm that same day.  These are very very limited as they were primarily for sale in Asia.  Click here to get yours.

Toy Hunters Needs Your Help

    The Travel Channel just recently aired the pilot for a show called Toy Hunters, which is kinda like if American Pickers only went on the search for action figures.  It's kinda cool to see a show centered around toy collectors and that is why we need your help to keep it going.  The Travel Channel wants to hear from viewers whether or not the show should continue.  Here is a link you can use to leave comments about the show so that the executives at the network can see that it will have a solid following:


    Maybe the nice folks at the Travel Channel will give me my own show.  Here's the premise:  They pay to fly my wife and I all over the world and we go to the factories, the toy companies, and the stores to get a complete view of collectible culture.  We'll go to the factories in China and the amazing toy mall in Japan.  We'll examine how people are taking the creation of toys into their own hands and producing figures in their basement.  Then I write a book about it.  Then Anthony Bourdain has us on his show.  I literally just created an empire with one paragraph.  Travel Channel, give me a call, I'm ready to get this going.

DC's The New 52 Batman Figure Revealed

    Guess what?  On May 2nd there will be a new Batman figure to buy!!!  Based on the design from the Dc Comics New 52 this is the first release from the revamped Justice League and it certainly won't be the last.  Just look behind him and you can make out 5 more figures that are due to follow.  These are being made by DC Direct, so they won't suck.  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Matt Groening Figure From Kidrobot

        How many creators of an iconic television series actually have their own action figure?  I would dare say not many, but you can now add Simpsons guru Matt Groening to that short list.  Kidrobot will unleash the cartoon genius on February 9th in 6 inches of vinyl.  He's gonna sell for $50, which is probably about the budget he had when the Simpsons shorts aired on The Tracey Ullman Show.

Shawnimals + January 23rd = New Stuff!!!

   I went with my wife to a Chinese New Year celebration at a casino once.  It involved a room with vendors set up all around the perimeter (which is my favorite type of room) and a stage where various act would perform.  Being that I don't speak Chinese the talents of the comedians were lost on me, but I did quite enjoy the man and woman who sang various songs from Disney films. And the monk who did some pretty incredible Kung Fu.  It was a new experience to say the least, but if it was available in television form I would be addicted in a heart beat.  Screw American Idol, Chinese variety show is where its at!
   So as you can see, I like Chinese New Year.  I like it a lot.  I like the fire crackers, the parades, the food, and now I like the toys!  Shawnimals has created these special pork dumplings to celebrate the year of the dragon.  There is only 60 of the gold and 60 of the yellow and they are blind boxed so whichever one you end up with is the one fate destined for you.  They're only $12 and available Monday, January 23rd at 1pm CDT by clicking here.   They will also be available through myplasticheart's website and in their New York store the day after.

   Now Shawnimals wouldn't leave you hanging for Valentine's Day would he?  Of course not!  Presenting the Buffalump plush and card set.  For only $20 you get two little plushies and a Valentine's card.  Only 50 pieces will be available and they are numbered on the tag.  Click here on Monday, January 23rd at 1pm CDT to claim yours.

I'm Starting My Christmas List Early

    I've been a pretty decent lad so far this year and I don't plan on doing anything terribly heinous before Santa's next visit, so I've gone ahead and made myself an ambitious little Christmas list.  I was browsing around ye olde internet when this beauty caught my eye.  It's the Allied Victory Sidecar Motorcycle from the king of expensive man toys Hammacher Schlemmer.  I've always wanted a bike with a sidecar that my wife could ride in, even though she says she won't because she doesn't want to "look dumb."  Even the promise of matching helmets with metal spikes in the middle has not as of yet been able to persuade her as to how awesome this would be.  I would have children just so we could pull up to parent teacher night in this thing.  I'm a simple man with simple dreams.  I want to pet a tiger and I want this bike.  It costs $10,000 though, so I better go and help out some orphans or donate a lot of blood to keep my karma points out of the negative.


    The rest of the stuff I want is pretty much to accessorize the motorcycle and it all comes from one company: Hell Fire Canyon Club.   First up is this sick Mickey Mouse figure from David Flores.  I figure I can put this next to the tv to remind myself how bad ass I am when I'm not riding the motorcycle.

    And since we're already on their website how about a few shirts.   I could wear these while riding the motorcycle to complete my "terrorizing suburbia" look.  2012 is gonna be my year!

    Ok, I know this wasn't entirely toy related, but sometimes you just have to deviate a little bit and talk about other stuff you like too.  That way I'm letting you get to know me a little better and it expands the awesome relationship we already have.  This is starting to get my a little emotional.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Info About Kidrobot's FatCap Series 3

    The new series of FatCaps from Kidrobot release next week and we finally have a peak at all the different figures and their blind box ratios.  We can also see that Jon-Paul Kaiser, Kronk, and Queen Andrea all have mystery figures in the set to go along with their standard designs.  And if you buy an entire case of them, you get this special figure from Sket-One for free.  

    I'm more of a Dunny person myself, but I really like a lot of the artists in this series and the designs are by far the best FatCaps have ever had.  I may have to cave and buy a few.  Or a lot.

Giantmicrobes for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is the toughest holiday to shop for.  Basically, what you buy your significant other is a reflection on just how much you care about them, or something.  If you're lucky enough to be in love with someone that has a sense of humor, or you're looking to end a relationship with someone who doesn't, then do I have the perfect gift for you.  Giantmicrobes has created a special egg and sperm plush set just in time for the high romance of the holidays.  Each cell contains a magnet that ensures they'll be attached at the hip (do eggs have hips?) forever.  They're only $19.95 and available right now!  Imagine trying to explain to your kids why they can't play with these.  Oh the fun you'll have!  

Living Dead Dolls Series 23

    Children are kinda creepy little beings.  There I said it.  You knew you were thinking it.  Now that we're past that the people behind Living Dead Dolls have always felt that the little buggers could be even scarier than they are in the check out lane at the grocery store.  Presenting Series 23 of the popular little freaks.  Look at them, all having tea on someone's coffin.  I think real kids would do this, so that part isn't too alarming.  But look at their faces!!! The one in the middle with the black dress is kinda freaking me out, probably due to her lack of eyeballs.  She should form a support group with the girl in pink on the right, who obviously didn't listen to her well meaning parents and now has a horrible disfigurement to show for it.  I think that's what happens when you text at the dinner table after being told not to.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Releases Tomorrow from Super7

    Sure I posted a little something about these already, but tomorrow you'll actually be able to purchase them and I didn't want you to forget.  I forget most things and unless I write myself a note or there is a horrible smell involved, chances are that whatever I should have remembered will slip into oblivion.
   The Abominable Leroy C. and the Hues of Blues DokuDuo are decked out in the perfect colors for winter and at only $35 each, you can afford to add them both to your collection.  They go on sale tomorrow at noon Pacific time on the Super7 website.

Teasers from Maqet

    Maqet posted these photos on their Facebook page with the caption "no comment".  I would bet money the image above is for a new Emily the Strange toy, as she's sporting her signature bangs and rocking out on an SG style guitar, which is something I've seen with her before.

     This one is a design by Frank Kozik that we had previously expected to see released in time for last Halloween.  Will both of these figures see the light of day in 2012?  It certainly looks that way.