Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Suicidal Tendencies x Zac Pac Mr. Skum

         You remember Suicidal Tendencies.  They had that song Institutionalized about a bro who's parents didn't get him and he sang it all fast and it made you hyper and made you feel that no one understood you or that you liked to skateboard and listen to punk and dye your hair blue and have ripped jeans and hang out with kids that were a bad influence and write dark poetry in your dream journal and....Well anyway, that band decided that they needed a toy and here you have it.  This is the exclusive color made for Kidrobot and it's limited to 50 pieces and costs $120.  Oh, and he comes with a wee little hat that he can wear too.   Those things are like $40 bucks alone if you buy one for regular sized folks.

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