Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Starting My Christmas List Early

    I've been a pretty decent lad so far this year and I don't plan on doing anything terribly heinous before Santa's next visit, so I've gone ahead and made myself an ambitious little Christmas list.  I was browsing around ye olde internet when this beauty caught my eye.  It's the Allied Victory Sidecar Motorcycle from the king of expensive man toys Hammacher Schlemmer.  I've always wanted a bike with a sidecar that my wife could ride in, even though she says she won't because she doesn't want to "look dumb."  Even the promise of matching helmets with metal spikes in the middle has not as of yet been able to persuade her as to how awesome this would be.  I would have children just so we could pull up to parent teacher night in this thing.  I'm a simple man with simple dreams.  I want to pet a tiger and I want this bike.  It costs $10,000 though, so I better go and help out some orphans or donate a lot of blood to keep my karma points out of the negative.


    The rest of the stuff I want is pretty much to accessorize the motorcycle and it all comes from one company: Hell Fire Canyon Club.   First up is this sick Mickey Mouse figure from David Flores.  I figure I can put this next to the tv to remind myself how bad ass I am when I'm not riding the motorcycle.

    And since we're already on their website how about a few shirts.   I could wear these while riding the motorcycle to complete my "terrorizing suburbia" look.  2012 is gonna be my year!

    Ok, I know this wasn't entirely toy related, but sometimes you just have to deviate a little bit and talk about other stuff you like too.  That way I'm letting you get to know me a little better and it expands the awesome relationship we already have.  This is starting to get my a little emotional.

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