Thursday, January 5, 2012

K.Olin Tribu x Nathan Jurevicius Bunniguru

    I'll never be confused as someone who is graceful.  I drop things all the time, I knock things over, I'm basically an uncoordinated yeti.  My clumsiness scares me into loving the creations of K. Olin Tribu from afar.  These are amazing works of art from some of the most famous toy designers  on the planet and they're all hand cast in porcelain.  Their latest release is Bunniguru from Nathan Jurevicius.  Only 50 pieces of this guy were made and they will run you 270 Euros.  They go on sale this Saturday so you better be ready if you want one because I doubt they will last.  Elevate your toy collection's status by infusing it with this great piece.  Just be more careful with it than I would.  

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