Friday, January 13, 2012

Living Dead Dolls Variant Set

    Anyone that was lucky enough to snag the very first series of Living Dead Dolls knows that they're sitting on a gold mine.  Those figures are highly sought after and a lot of collectors would kill to have them.  For those of you that missed out on these creepy little babies the first go round, Mezco is now rereleasing that initial set to celebrate their 13th anniversary.  All of the paint and the clothing is the same, but the bodies are made differently and now have ball joints.  You can only buy these as a complete set for $190.  Only 240 sets were made and they're only available by clicking here.  I for one will live quite comfortably knowing these little weirdos will not be staring at me while I sleep.  These dolls are just one cursed monkey's paw away from terrorizing your family.

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