Monday, January 23, 2012

Toy Hunters Needs Your Help

    The Travel Channel just recently aired the pilot for a show called Toy Hunters, which is kinda like if American Pickers only went on the search for action figures.  It's kinda cool to see a show centered around toy collectors and that is why we need your help to keep it going.  The Travel Channel wants to hear from viewers whether or not the show should continue.  Here is a link you can use to leave comments about the show so that the executives at the network can see that it will have a solid following:

    Maybe the nice folks at the Travel Channel will give me my own show.  Here's the premise:  They pay to fly my wife and I all over the world and we go to the factories, the toy companies, and the stores to get a complete view of collectible culture.  We'll go to the factories in China and the amazing toy mall in Japan.  We'll examine how people are taking the creation of toys into their own hands and producing figures in their basement.  Then I write a book about it.  Then Anthony Bourdain has us on his show.  I literally just created an empire with one paragraph.  Travel Channel, give me a call, I'm ready to get this going.

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