Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Uglydolls for 2012

    The New Year brings with is promises that we make yet very seldom keep.  Some of us will eat less, or spend less, or watch less tv.  Have you noticed how all resolutions are based around depriving ourselves of the things we want?  That's kinda crappy.  Uglydolls don't feel that way though, so they're adding more  characters to make you happy in 2012.  You can get the fluffy pink Gragon, or the blue Softy, who I'm sure is just as fluffy.  These are available for preorder now on the Uglydolls site, so instead of making dumb commitments to yourself that won't make it to February, indulge a bit and get some new toys.  Plus, we're all gonna explode at the end of this year anyway right?  Might as well have something soft to hold onto when Armageddon is thrashing us about.

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