Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Living Dead Dolls for 2012

    Are you the type of person that says to yourself "Gee I wish I had a bunch more creepy, murderous little children scattered about the house"?  Well then consider today the second best day of your life, because look at all the Living Dead Dolls that are coming out in 2012.
    Just in time for Snow White and the Huntsman comes the Evil Queen and the object of her hatred, Snow White.

    There's also Chucky, who I'm sure has been the source of nightmares for many people for years.

    And these ghastly toy soldiers.  Look how disturbing they look, all lined up, waiting their turn to bite off your toys.  These will most likely be released closer to Christmas, just in time to eat your family as they gather around to open their presents.  What a grand new holiday tradition!

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