Wednesday, January 4, 2012

World of Warcraft x Mega Bloks

    What is this?  If there was ever a product that could possible pry the arthritis-riddled digits of WoW fans from their computers it is definitely this.  Mega Bloks has teamed up with the world's biggest online gaming franchise to bring you sets based on the insanely popular game.  These were previewed at Blizzcon this year and attendees were able to get one of the special Thrall figures to get them all excited to build their fantasy lives out of tangible material.  With an almost endless supply of material, the folks at Mega Bloks will surely create building sets that even the none Warcrafter could appreciate.   Now, in order to get your hands out of keyboard mode and able to close again like a normal person's, I suggest you start planning their rehabilitation now.  Cause while you could order the set online while you're waiting for the rest of your guild to wake up, you're gonna have to put them together yourself.

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