Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Releases from Super7

    Thus far, 2012 has been challenging.  I had to scrounge up enough cash for a major repair to my wife's truck, got into a fight with a major credit card company who didn't realize I live in New Jersey and therefore am armed with tons of colorful language, and been a bit under the weather.  January has been no fun to say the least, but new toys can always make it better.  Super7 must be connected to my very thoughts because I have just stumbled upon this plethora of releases they have planned before this hellish month comes to an end.  First up are those yellow guys on the left.  Early Morning Garuru and Sunburnt Yellow Prick came out today and are only $35 each.  The white fella is Abominable Leroy C.  and his buddy DokoDuo come out next Thursday, January 19th and are also $35 each.  And finally you have the Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser that releases January 26th for $65.  He costs a little bit more but is absolutely my favorite of the bunch.  I also bet his car doesn't have any moving parts that will eventually go bad and bring great sadness (and bills) to its owner.  That's probably why he's smiling.

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