Friday, January 27, 2012

Voltaire x Toy2r Deady Bunee Mini Qees

    Voltaire has quite the bizarre career.  Not only is he a traveling minstrel that sings what I can best describe as dark folk tales, but he also makes toys.  I can identify with that, because every time there is a new reality television series on I think I can turn it into a new career.  Thus far I've wanted to build motorcycles, have a traveling show about food, dig through people's garages and sell their junk, own a pawn shop, restore antiques, own a tattoo shop, own a shop that sells weird things, etc etc.  So I can identify with having a bunch of interests, I just don't understand how to be good at them all like Mr. Voltaire here.
    His famous Deady and arch nemesis Sleezter are getting the Mini Qee treatment this time around from Toy2r.  Being that all of his other toys have long sold out, I would expect these to do the same.  They're a nice mix of cute/sinister which is a hard line to walk design wise.  I'm digging both of them.

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