Friday, February 27, 2015

Copper Modern Hero Bank from Mad Available Today!

    You know what's genius about this bank?  It's the same color as the only money I have.  These cats are expensive son.  I've never seen creatures eat the way they do, or that were as hell bent on destroying all my stuff.  I don't know what they're insistent on acting like your mom's second husband, but it's killing me financially.  I wouldn't even bother putting my money in this bank because by the time it hit the bottom it would already be spent on cat food or that fancy litter they insist upon that costs a day's wages per bag.  Can a brother get a telethon?  

    But this Modern Hero bank from Mad sure is pretty to look at, even if the only thing you're storing in it is dust.  It's a beast at 18 inches tall and this copper colorway is limited to only 30 pieces that go on sale today over at  

Win A "Business Monkey" from Joe Ledbetter x Munky King Toys This Weekend

    You know what I got sitting on the shelf in front of me as a type this?  One of Joe Ledbetter's Business Monkeys from Munky King.  So how do I already have one and they're not even on sale yet?  I can't tell you all my secrets son, but what I can tell you is that this sucker is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and you can get yourself one before anyone else this weekend as Munky King will be running an Instagram contest.  So if I were you, and I wanted a monkey with sound financial knowledge, I would go and follow Munky King on Instagram right now.  I'll be doing a proper review of this guy next week that may or may not include taking him somewhere that he can spend all those dollar bills in his hand.  Actually, I'm just gonna try and pay my credit card statement with them.  Gonna make it rain in Wal-Mart boooooooooooooy!!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Custom "Kings of Atlantis" Skulls from Clinton Yaws x Argonaut Resins

    So this morning I woke up to surprise snow.  Nowhere in any weather report that I watched this week did it say it was gonna snow here, but that sure didn't stop a few inches of the stuff from making driving a challenge as I took my wife to work.  I know that meteorology is supposed to be a science but I'm not buying into that any more.  No one's perfect, but every time it has snowed this winter it has either been a complete surprise or the amounts were so drastically different than what the weather people said that I could have just asked one of my cats.  I think that it's all a conspiracy and that meteorology is nothing more than an amateur form of witchcraft.  I think after they invented names for the clouds they just gave up and started casting bones and gazing into scrying glasses.  And let us not forget the big deal that they make about a ground rodent seeing his shadow and predicting when spring will come. Science, are you there?  I'm gonna go and catch a weather person and see if they float when I dunk them into the lake.  

    The beautifully painted resin of these Kings of Atlantis skulls probably hold some secrets of their own, but hopefully they're a bit more accurate that channel 10.  Argonaut Resins enlisted the help of Clinton Yaws to bring these to "life" (Get it, cause skulls are a symbol of death, lol.  Oh morbid puns you slay me!  I did it again!!!)  My favorite is the Easy Rider one cause I like that movie a lot and it seemed like everyone was having a good time in it until the end, which is oddly the point when good times usually go bad.   And you can't beat a movie where motorcycles are just as important as the main actors, though I did thoroughly enjoy wacky Jack Nicholson.  

    These bad boys go on sale tomorrow, Friday the 27th, at noon eastern time only at  

Earth Shattering Toy Review Extravaganza Featuring "Bitch" from Luke Chueh x Munky King


    You're gonna wanna go ahead and click on that video you see there to set the proper mood for this toy review baaaaaaaaaaaaaby.  That's right, just move your cursor over to the play button, press it, and let the smooth sounds of Marvin Gaye prepare you for what it sure to be the greatest, and I mean greatest, thing you will see all day.  Are you ready?  Is your soul in the mood for love?  If you said "yes" then I'm gonna need you to scroll down a little further so the festivities can begin....

    Oh dang,  you didn't see that coming did you?  But to each his own I suppose, cause these wolves shouldn't be ashamed of how they express their love, even if it's more Lil Wayne than Marvin Gaye.  You've never seen a toy like the one that Luke Chueh and Munky King have created here.  Provocative is the first word that comes to mind, which is not a bad thing by any means, because most of the time good art is exactly that.  And being that this toy is taken directly form one of Luke's paintings (you can kind of see it on the box in the back round) it captures all of the meaning that the original work had.  Now, what that meaning is I have no idea, but that's not gonna stop me from sharing the one's I came up with:

 - The larger wolf could be the IRS while the smallest one represents my disappointment at my refund this year

-  Or he could be the government in general, who has labeled us all as sheep and who takes great pleasure in metaphorically screwing us at every turn 

- They could be a perfectly normal couple who have decided to spice up their relationship by playing dress up (I always try to get my wife to dress up as Margaret Thatcher when she cooks dinner.  That's probably more to do with a head injury I suffered as a youth football player though)

    What I dig about this toy is that it pushes boundaries of what a designer toy should be.  It's kinda cool to have to think a little bit beyond whether or not something is cute while at the same time having to look past whatever awkwardness we may feel about our in-laws knowing there are two plastic wolves makin puppies on our entertainment centers.  The term "art multiple" gets thrown around a lot when describing designer toys but there are very few that I could expect to see for sale in the gift shop of a modern art museum.  I think this one fits that bill, from the toy itself to the slim packaging.   

   Now I know some of you may want to buy this toy cause you like it but fear having to explain to your young children exactly what's going on here.  I get that your house may be more Disney than National Geographic, so I have taken the liberty of utilizing the convenient 3 piece construction to create two alternate scenes you can use to avoid all birds and bees talk:

   In this scenario, two wolf friends are attending comic con.  One has chosen to dress up as his favorite character Super Sheep, while the other has just complained the whole time about waiting in line.  While  rushing to get to the next long line the crabby wolf trips over someone's fake sword and falls on his face, much to the hilarity of his costumed friend.  End scene.

    In this next one, the two wolves and the sheep are enjoying a festive spring break at the Jersey Shore, when all of a sudden one of them makes eye contact with some meathead's girlfriend.  Having just downed a protein shake and 13 shots, the meathead delivers a brutal uppercut to the one wolf, while his friends get ready to do battle.  So many spray tans were ruined that night.  End scene.  

    Those are just two quick ones for you, but the possibilities are endless!  And they're also interchangeable with all of the other editions, so you can mix and match em however you like.  This original version (that takes its color scheme directly from the painting) will be available early in March from  They are limited to 500 pieces and will retail for $69 (I see what you did there you cheeky little monkeys).  


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yellow and Black Marbled Nadsat Boy from Kenth Toy Works x Toy Art Gallery

    I love the look of marbled vinyl.  It's all trippy looking like one of those Bill Graham posters from the 1960's.  Couldn't you see this guy on a sign outside the Fillmore, with Jefferson Airplane's name all distorted as it filled in the space around him?  

I'm just gonna leave this right here.

    Speaking of all things psychedelic, I worked with a guy who had a friend who decided he wanted to expand his mind by taking acid.  He ended up kicked out of college after he tore all of the drywall down in his dorm room and ate the insulation because he thought it was cotton candy.  I don't think a trip to the emergency room was the kind of trip he had in mind.

   Back to that beautiful toy specimen.  Nadsat Boy is the creation of Kenth Toy Works and Toy Art Gallery and will be available today at noon pacific time over at  And kids, don't do drugs.  They're a waste of good toy money.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Blue "Inner Child" from Nerviswr3k x Suburban Vinyl

    Why so blue panda bear?  Cause he's a Tenacious Toys exclusive, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.  It's kind of their thing, which I'm all about because I like consistency.  I like to know that I will never get a full night's sleep because one of the cats will knock something over, scare the others into a feline stampede, and ensure that I nearly have a heart attack.  I like to wake up in the morning and know that I have a delicious box of Cap'n Crunch waiting for me.  I like to think that if I mention how delicious Cap'n Crunch is two sentences in a row that maybe they'll send me some free cereal cause that stuff ain't cheap.  I'd like free cereal to become a consistency.

    It feels like just last week that I wrote a pretty baller review of Nerviswr3k's "Inner Child" figure.  Actually, it was just last week, so if you missed it you won't have to scroll too far back in the archives to bask in it's glory.  But before you bask, or afterwards if you promise to come back, you should know that this little monster is limited to only 125 pieces and will be on sale starting February 28th at noon eastern time only from  They will have the red version available as well.  This toy was produced by the fine folks at Suburban Vinyl

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ferg x Grody Shogun x Scott Wilkowski "Infected Young Gohst" Preorder

    Did you know the yuck that causes pink eye can live on a surface for a month?  I only know this because it's an occupational hazard where I work; one which I've been fortunate enough to avoid.  Of course, pink eye is not the worst thing you can contract from another person, but it's pretty gross.  No wants to wake up with their eye crusted shut and looking like the weeping dead.

    I don't know what would cause something like this to happen to you, but I'm sure Jenny McCarthy will tell you not to vaccinate against it.  Who would have thought some idiot television personality wasn't in fact the utmost authority when it came to infectious diseases?  Crazy.

    Ferg and Grody Shogun's Young Gohst is looking like he may need a trip to ye old apothecary to get a tube of ointment.  Anything you need a tube of ointment for just sounds like the grossest thing possible doesn't it?  I don't know what ails him, but it looks contagious.  This resin figure has been given the "infected" treatment from Scott Wilkowski and is available for preorder right now from Lulubell Toy Bodega.  You have until March 1st at 9am pacific time to secure yourself one for $70.  Maybe if you lick it you'll build up your immune system.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Toy Art Gallery Presents: "Dichotomy" This Saturday

    Have you ever heard the saying " two heads are better than one"?  I can guarantee you they weren't talking about someone with an unborn calcified fetal twin.  Not that I've even met anyone that has suffered from that condition, which is probably for the best.  I don't really know how to behave myself when I find out something like that.  I would totally turn into Larry King and grill the person like they were testifying before congress.  I can't help it because medical anomalies fascinates me and I want to know everything I can find out.  And then there's the whole question of how well you have to know a person before you try to buy the thing from them. I've said too much.

    Having two heads doesn't necessarily mean you'll be undergoing a surgical procedure or relegated to a life of sideshow performances.  It could just be the main feature of a awesome toy, like Doublethink from artist Takahiro Komuro and Toy Art Gallery.  Some of the best toy customizers in the world have come together to offer their unique interpretations to this hunk of vinyl, and you can see the results tomorrow night when Dichotomy opens from 7-10pm.   Here's a list of the participating artists:

Seen at Toy Fair: The Loyal Subjects

    It's pretty nuts to see where The Loyal Subjects started and where they are today.  Their toys are all over the place and even made their way into a Super Bowl commercial.  I love visiting their booth at Toy Fair because it's like a melding of my childhood interests with my obsession with collecting toys now.  Wave 3 of their stylized Transformers line was on display, and it seems that with every incarnation they get more complex.

    Turtles fans will also have plenty of new figures to buy as the second series will be released soon.  There were also a few exclusive sets on display with different color ways of the original Turtle figures.  I believe the grey will be Hastings exclusives, while the black and the glow will be available at this year's San Diego Comic Con.  By the time I made it to their booth I was malnourished and going through withdrawal from not being able to buy anything, so I may have misheard.  Don't kill me.

    You can see more of our Toy Fair pictures by visiting

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Metallic Blue Bad Knight from Peter Kato

    How come all the bad knights in film wear black?  It's a dead giveaway that they're up to no good.  Take the black knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  If he had been wearing any other color of armor he could have used the element of surprise to overwhelm his opponent.  Instead, he lost his limbs, bled all over the place, and was made to look a fool.  If you wanna be a black knight, you should be black in spirit and deed, not in your clothing choices.

    Peter Kato totally gets the importance of stealth because his Bad Knights are decked out in metallic  blue.  Who's gonna feel threatened by someone so sparkly?  The good guys are gonna show up, think they have the wrong castle cause these dudes can't be the jerks they were looking for, and then WHAM...the bad guys win.

    You can build your own army of unassuming evil doers when these go on sale tonight at 8pm eastern time at  Limited to only 8 pieces, each one will cost $40.  

Help Make Javier Jimenez's Wananeko a Vinyl Toy


    Usually I would do my best to convince you to go and support the crowd funding campaign to get this toy made.  But in an amazing turn of events enough money was raised before I could even post about it.  That's not to say that you still can't go and support this fundraiser and get yourself some awesome plastic kitties in the process.  The best thing about plastic kitties is they won't try and claw your nipples off.  Not that anything like that happens to me on a daily basis, leading to some awkward blood stains on my work shirts, but I've heard stories.

    We've all seen Javier Jimenez's Wananeko figure before.  He's been making these things is resin for a while, but now it's making the jump to glorious Japanese soft vinyl, which is the cashmere of all plastics.  The highlight of the entire campaign might just be your ability to purchase these baby Wananeko figures which will only ever be offered here.

     Look how precious they are, and there's a bunch of them so you can become a crazy cat lady without the expense of taking any of them to the vet.  I have five real cats and let me tell you it's amazing I'm not homeless.  

     Go and get yourself some new toys by visiting this link.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Crazy Blow Your Dang Mind Toy Review: Inner Child from Nerviswr3k x Suburban Vinyl


    I'm not a big fan of reading instructions.  It's not that I'm stubborn, I just kind of like to figure things out on my own.  That's why when I received Suburban Vinyl's first ever self-produced toy in the mail, I didn't read the box.  So let me, in all my mentally untainted glory, tell you what I think the meaning of this toy designed by Nerviswr3k could be, before I cave in and find out the real deal.

    The kid is looking kinda bummed as he peeks out from the rather dangerous looking mouth of this critter.  He could have just been eaten and is now going through a very slow period of digestion that has forced him to accept his fate all the while his extremities are dissolving and unleashing their nutritional value.  That would make anyone sad.

    He could, however, be the monster' sinner most self, whose innocence is betrayed by his outward appearance.  He just wants to pet puppies and mentor at risk youth, but people run from him in fear.  Seriously though, you gotta shave down those teeth if you want people to feel totally safe.

    Alternatively, the monster could represent the hard exterior one has to adopt in a harsh world to protect their feelings.  The monster is a suit of armor, while the true person inside has to go unseen until he feels safe.

    That's a plethora of theories I have there, so now it's time to consult the box.  It turns out that my third idea is actually correct!  I totally missed my calling as a therapist, cause if I can read a toy like this, just think about all the people I could help.  I'd probably get pretty bored though unless your life was REALLY messed up and you hooked me with your story.  I'll stick with the toys and try not to ruin any actual human beings.

See, here's the proof that I was right!

    One thing that really impresses me about this toy is how well they captured the nuances of the customs that Nerviswr3k is known for.  Many times details get lost when translated from one medium to the next, but this really has that raw feel that is a signature of his work.  It really comes through when juxtaposed with the smooth texture of the face.  The sculpt has got a ton of nooks and hidden spots that could have easily been missed or glossed over, but so much attention was paid to every detail, even the shadows under his eyes were handled with precision.

    And the thing still kinda frightens me in the same way his customs do.  I have no problem believing that they could be swimming around in my city's water supply, just praying to make it into a batch of delicious Kool-Aid and play Hungry Hungry Hippos with my cells.  But that's also part of their charm.

   Their will be three different colors of this dude: blue, green, and the red one you see here.  This red guy will be available starting February 21st at noon eastern time at your favorite toy stores.  Each color is limited to 125 pieces and will sell for $45 each.

You can actually see the article you're reading on the screen there!  If that didn't blow your mind you could almost see that I wasn't wearing pants when I took this!  

Seen at Toy Fair: Funko


    If Funko's display at Toy Fair gets any bigger they're gonna have to rent out an entire floor just to show off everything they bring.  You can't miss them when you walk in, mostly because of the giant fiberglass versions of their toys that tower over everyone in attendance.  They still refuse to sell me the giant Batman, which I guess is ok because my homeowner's association would probably have a fit if I set it up on the front lawn.  They don't understand my beautification vision.

    Funko has a little spin-off project called Vinyl Sugar which is taking classic characters we're all familiar with and giving them a more stylized treatment.  It seems that anything that doesn't fall within the Pop! realm is getting branded this way.  These include the more humorous Vinyl Idolz line you see above and a more exaggerated pin-up style for their Vinyl Vixens, like this Harley Quinn:

        And lets not forget the violent cuteness that their Dorbz collection brings:

    Of course Pop! Vinyl and Hikari were well represented.  I'm a bit partial to the Pop! line because they're really affordable and are a fun take on characters we all know and love.  Here's a few on my wishlist:

    Star Wars was the big deal in Hikari, and most of the figures looked really cool translated to this medium.  This line has always been hit or miss with me because I don't think everything works in this format (Transformers come to mind) by the Star Wars villains looked really cool:

    There was a ton more there but I got cats to feed and poop to scoop, so go and check out the rest of my pictures at



Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kidrobot at Toy Fair

    We all are well aware that Kidrobot is in a heavy transitional period, not only with their purchase by N.E.C.A. but with naming Frank Kozik as creative director.  Many people are still skeptical while many more are hoping for a return to what it was in the past.  I can tell you right now that things are not going to return to what they used to be and after the conversation I had at Toy Fair, you wouldn't want them too.  That's because they're focused on the future, which is paved with possibilities you wouldn't have even thought of and that will return a level of excitement to the world of designer toys that has been lacking.  I spent over an hour talking with Frank and new head of marketing Steve Elmes and here are some of the highlights from our discussion:

- The rules are out the window.  You will see production pieces using any and all of the Munnyworld characters.  This will not only include stand alone figures but complete blind boxed mini series.  If the design makes sense and is cool, it will happen.  The first series to encompass this new philosophy will be this set of Tricky Cats that will debut later this year:

    This is an in-house series with a few Kozik designs and the rest created by their design team. They're cute, they've got great mass appeal, and they will cater to not only the seasoned collector but someone who just likes their look and uses them as a gateway drug to fuel a new toy addiction.  It's a great way to build a new collector base while appealing to the already existing one.  There are going to be many more series that will be single artist driven that you will absolutely lose your mind for.  Trust me, as soon as I heard the names involved I started looking for a second job so I can afford them all.  

-  If you're a toy customizer the ability to have an actual Kidrobot piece has never been greater.  Seriously, they are scouring social media on a daily basis to look for new talent.  Keep posting your custom figures but more importantly keep refining your work because they want to make your stuff.  There is no longer a stable of artists that they will only pick from when deciding what to produce.  If what you make is awesome, you've got as good a shot as anyone of getting into a Dunny series.  

-  A lot of people were talking about their stance on bootlegging vs. customizing from a few weeks ago and those discussions have led to something really interesting.  There will be a submission period in the near future where people who want to make resin multiples or a series of Dunnys that is just too complex to factory produce will be able to propose their ideas and possibly be granted a license to go ahead and make it themselves.  Not only does that make your toy super legit, but they will even help you promote it.  Again, now is the time to refine your technique and get your work on social media to start building hype.  More info will be available soon on this program.

-  Almost any license N.E.C.A. has is open to Kidrobot.  Now for those of you that aren't into licensed toys, what if it was your favorite artist putting their spin on it?  What if Tara McPherson made an Alien toy, or if Skinner tackled Friday the 13th?  Not that those particular ones are coming out (I'm not trying to start a riot here) but they could happen in this new philosophy of anything goes.  From what I understand the ball is already rolling on a few.  

-Mega Man is happening and here is the proof:

-So is this amazing 8 inch Dunny from Junko Mizuno that I cradled like the baby Jesus:

- Kidrobot is not only making it's return to San Diego Comic Con but will also be at Designer Con

-Expect to see more toys with social and political commentary

- Expanding on the last note, not everything will be as dark as it has been.  Cute is coming back to help balance things out a bit and make us less angry.  I need something to calm me down.

- Frank Kozik is pretty tall and might dunk on you.

    I saw waaaaaaaaay more than I was allowed to take pictures of, but I swore a blood oath that I wouldn't go starting rumors and leaking information.  What I can tell you is you won't be disappointed, especially when things kick into high gear in 2016.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Toy Fair 2015 Pictures Are Up

     All of the pictures from our adventure at Toy Fair yesterday are now posted at  Go and take a gander, peruse, eyeball, or do whatever it is you do with pictures of toys that falls within the legal limits of your place of residence.  You sickos, you.  More posts to follow.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Lady Titan Vinyl Figure from My Hero Toys

   If you're lucky enough to have attended San Diego Comic Con than this toy might look pretty familiar to it.  That's because actress Tanya Tate is often times seen roaming around the convention floor dressed exactly like this.  Her company My Hero Toys is now paying homage to her well known cosplay with this figure.  At only $30 its probably the best bargain you'll find all day and it's most likely the only way you'll could convince her to come home with you.  

Porceplane by Flatau Florian x K. Olin Tribu

    Normally, I'm a huge fan of throwing things and would never tell you to not throw a paper airplane.  I'm no buzzkill, and sometimes great things happen, like getting stuck in a stranger's hair, or landing on someone's dinner.  But you really really should not throw this one.  For one, you might seriously injure someone, which will result in years of court and lawyers fees.  And most importantly, this sucker would break cause it's made of porcelain.

    This uber fancy paper airplane from K. Olin Tribu x Flatau Florian is limited to 30 pieces and available right now at

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Not Another Heartless Bastard" Resin Bust from Huck Gee

    Ooooooh how did they get that sweet anatomical heart to float in the resin like that?  I'm sure there's some practical explanation that would be way more boring than the ideas I came up with.  First off was dwarf magic, because if they could make Thor's hammer, I'm pretty sure this is not a big deal.  My second guess was also dwarf magic, because the more you think about it the more sense it really makes.  I didn't bother with a third guess because I'm marking this mystery as solved and moving on to something else.  

    Huck Gee never fails to impress me with the things he releases and this is no exception.  Despite the fact that he's got some dirt on the dwarves that live beneath his studio and blackmails them into doing all of his work.  There's no law against it, unless you're dressing the neighbor kids up as dwarves and then running a sweatshop.  But hey, I'm no narc.  

    You know you want this piece of resin goodness that is ready just in time for Valentine's Day.  It will be released tomorrow, Friday the 13th, on what will be the newly relaunched  Limited to only 50 signed and numbered pieces, each 6 inch bust will retail for $200 when it drops at noon pacific time.  

Kidrobot to Offer Adventure Time Toys This Summer

    Have you ever watched Adventure Time?  There's some crazy stuff going on in that show.  Not that you couldn't look at the gang of characters right there and come to that conclusion on your own, but the show will make you question the last strand of sanity you're holding onto.  And its really funny.  And it's fitting that Kidrobot, a company based in Colorado, would be making toys for the hit series.  Not that Colorado is known for legally selling anything that would enhance your experience while watching Adventure Time.  I would never insinuate such a thing.  
   A plethora of products will be unleashed this summer, including an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con.  Of course, not everything they're making is pictured above, cause that would just ruin your ability to squeal when everything is unveiled.  So squeal now, and save some squeals for later.  

The Ice-Cat from Joe Ledbetter Drops Tomorrow

    Is this from that movie Frozen, cause I haven't seen it?  Just kidding, I know it's not but I'm completely serious about having not watched it.  When you tell people that you might as well have said that your favorite past time is kicking puppies, because the horrified looks on their faces would be the exact same.  I try to explain to them that I don't have children so why would I be interested but that is never an acceptable excuse.  Yet it's the same one that makes it totally ok for me to not go to Chuck E. Cheese or petting zoos (even though I enjoy petting the goats just as much as any 5 year old).  I know people that haven't seen Star Wars and yet I'm the bad guy in all of this.  

   Oh, and don't leave your cats outside in the winter cause it's kinda mean.  Unless you own a snow leopard or Siberian tiger, cause their names kinda dictate that they're down with the chilly weather.  And don't leave Joe Ledbetter's Ice-Cat outside either.  Not because he will freeze, but because someone will probably steal it.  They are limited to only 200 pieces, so someone's gonna be left out....wait for it...IN THE COLD!   These go on sale tomorrow from at 8am pacific time for $110 each.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mint Green Gacha Minis from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    These look delicious.  I wonder why no one has ever made edible toys before.  Maybe they don't want you to have to choose between having your toy or biting it's yummy little head off.  I would be torn as to what to do.  I would probably eat it, knowing that I'd instantly regret it, then I would complain and my wife would tell me to be quiet because Downton Abbey is on and I'm totally ruining it.  I love that show.  Did you see Lady Mary's new haircut?  What a fox!  Edith is just insufferable though and I realize she's had it rough but you're never going to get out from your sister's shadow if all you do is mope around the house all day.

    Toy Art Gallery is releasing a new set of mini figures from Paul Kaiju today in hunger inducing mint green.  You can get a set of them for $60 starting at noon pacific time from

Mixed Parts Boogeyman from Cure x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    Most kids worry that the boogeyman or some other monster is hiding under their bed, but I never did.  I figured they'd be in the closet, where it was much more spacious.  Knowing that no monster would want to hide beneath where I slept, I tried it out myself one day.  I was about 5 or 6 at the time and it was close to diner time, so I slid under there to hide from my parents.  They called me to come to the table but I didn't answer.  They looked all over the house, the backyard, anywhere they could think of, while I had my face in my hands barely able to control my laughter.  I thought I had pulled off a Houdini level disappearing act.  That is until I heard my mom on the phone with the police reporting me missing.  Panic had set in but it was too late; I was running down hill with my little prank and I was gonna crash hard at the bottom.  The cops showed up, gave me a lecture, and diner was cold.  And thus began the runaway train that is my life of crime.  

    Just kidding.  But for that day, proved that no monster other than a mischievous child who was in a lot of trouble was living under my bed.  If I had seen these guys prior to that, I might have thought twice about going down there.  Cure Toys has released their newest mixed parts Boogeyman through Lulubell Toy Bodega and they are available right this second!  Limited to only 1 per customer, you can choose from the unpainted ones you see above for $89, or the painted ones below for $99.  These things are very limited and will sell out soon, so get you hind parts to before they're gone.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Super Awesome Fun Time Review Party Featuring Lil Maddie from Bigshot Toyworks

    It's been awhile since I've gone full on crazy mode and done a toy review.  I just can't do these things all the time cause I put so much into them that I literally have to stay in bed for three days and recover afterwards, which is kinda not ok with where I work or my wife when she has to throw the sheets out.  We have a king size bed and those things are freakin expensive.  Have you ever noticed the price difference between a queen and king size mattress let alone a set of luxurious sheets?  It's like the sleep industry got together and determined that people who are living like ballers/morbidly obese shut-ins are gonna get railroaded for that extra bit of comfort that a larger mattress provides.  And even with pillow top goodness the size of Grenada, one of the cats will inevitably puke near my face.  Not like, every night, but it's happened once or twice and was scary enough that I think I have phantom puke syndrome now.  Don't waste your time asking your shrink about it because they'll say it's not a thing but I know what I go through each time the slightest noise is made while I'm asleep.  I got hairball shell shock.

   Do you see now why I can't review toys too often?  I just wrote an entire college essay about filthy linens and cat vomit.  I've got to be in line for a Pulitzer, or Grammy, or something, cause this stuff is gold.  Ok, so what we have to talk about today is a purple demon pony named Lil Maddie from Bigshot Toyworks.  I'm gonna go all hipster on you now and tell you about how I was waaaaaay into this before it was ever cool.  That's because Klim from Bigshot posted a picture on his Facebook page with the original art and I knew right then that it had to be a real toy.  So after annoying him with comments like "Hey, this should be a real toy" or "Take my money now" he actually listened and made it into an object that is now making people happy the world over.  I haven't had a good delusion of grandeur for awhile, so I'm gonna keep this one nice and shiny in the old frontal lobe and admire just how impressive it really is.

    Basically, Maddie looks like if Cthulhu got it on with a My Little Pony and they made the coolest love child since Teen Mom 2.  This figure is everything you could want in a toy meant to bring about the end of days.  A killer idea, executed perfectly down to the smallest detail, and it looks real nice on my shelf.

    Now I know what you're thinking (we've been over the fact that I've got your place tapped). You wanna know how to get one for yourself.  I'm gonna tell you.  There are actually a couple of ways to buy this, and the first is to go to the Bigshot Toyworks shop at  The second, and perhaps the one you'll find the most interesting, is by supporting the Kickstarter for The Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse that is coming to an end soon.  The project has surpassed its funding mark and now the super extra stretch goals are unleashing even more exclusive stuff.  Get in on all the excitement, and get some cool toys by visiting this link while there's still time.  If you miss this you'll have to live with the shame and regret for a lifetime, maybe even more.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ahwroo Edition Creamy from Gary Baseman x 3DRetro Releases Today!

    Has there ever been a more perfect visual representation of my relationship (or lack there of) with ice cream?  I haven't eaten any in at least 20 years, and my memory is not the greatest so that should tell you the pain it inflicted upon me the last time.  Do cry for me Argentina, because I can't say I really miss it.  I have instead substituted the deliciousness of a Coke Slurpee whenever I feel the need for a tasty frozen treat.  How come no one ever pay homage to the beauty that is the Coke Slurpee?  I would like to see that as the next great movement in art, because it's value to society is completely under appreciated.  

    Gary Baseman has taken two of his popular characters, mashed em up, and turned them into a the only kind of ice cream that doesn't make my insides quiver in fear: plastic.  If you want one then today is your lucky day because they are being released at 9am pacific time only at  They are limited to 200 peices and each come with a signed and numbered print.  Produced by the fine folks at 3DRetro.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tricera-Tanks from Galaxxor x Goodleg Toys

    My wife and I live in a townhouse that unfortunately has other townhouses next to it, which I suppose is kind of the whole premise of townhouses.  They only provide us with one reserved parking spot, which is kinda bogus because our next door neighbor has decided to shack up with this ugly chick who insists on parking her car in the empty space next to ours every day, forcing us to drive around the block to find another spot for our second car.  It's not so bad except for the fact that she doesn't actually live there, but always manages to leave her car there for days at a time when it's going to snow.  There's nothing worse in this world than shoveling out a parking space only to have some other moron pull into it with no regard for your hard work.  Especially when that person only wears sweat suits.  If there's one thing I can't stand it's being insulted by someone with such a lazy fashion sense.  

    The problem may stem from the fact that my Hyundai Accent doesn't convey the brutal authority I need to reclaim what I had originally taken.  I need a Tricera Tank.  Yeah, I know they're not a vehicle per se, but I feel like a dinosaur covered in weapons of mass destruction could theoretically carry me to work and back.  We could just get him an oversized Baby Bjorn and I could ride to work safely strapped to his chest.  That's luxury my friends!  And if that woman insists on stealing the freshly shoveled spot that I made for my own personal use, I can vaporize her with one of the many on board weapons options I have at my disposal.  These are the things I day dream about.

    Galaxxor and Goodleg Toys have combined their toy making efforts to create some lizards that are strapped to the gills, mad as hell, and aren't gonna take it anymore.  Only 5 of these dudes were made with this color scheme and they will be available starting tomorrow at noon CDT from .