Thursday, February 19, 2015

Help Make Javier Jimenez's Wananeko a Vinyl Toy


    Usually I would do my best to convince you to go and support the crowd funding campaign to get this toy made.  But in an amazing turn of events enough money was raised before I could even post about it.  That's not to say that you still can't go and support this fundraiser and get yourself some awesome plastic kitties in the process.  The best thing about plastic kitties is they won't try and claw your nipples off.  Not that anything like that happens to me on a daily basis, leading to some awkward blood stains on my work shirts, but I've heard stories.

    We've all seen Javier Jimenez's Wananeko figure before.  He's been making these things is resin for a while, but now it's making the jump to glorious Japanese soft vinyl, which is the cashmere of all plastics.  The highlight of the entire campaign might just be your ability to purchase these baby Wananeko figures which will only ever be offered here.

     Look how precious they are, and there's a bunch of them so you can become a crazy cat lady without the expense of taking any of them to the vet.  I have five real cats and let me tell you it's amazing I'm not homeless.  

     Go and get yourself some new toys by visiting this link.  

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