Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Seen at Toy Fair: Funko


    If Funko's display at Toy Fair gets any bigger they're gonna have to rent out an entire floor just to show off everything they bring.  You can't miss them when you walk in, mostly because of the giant fiberglass versions of their toys that tower over everyone in attendance.  They still refuse to sell me the giant Batman, which I guess is ok because my homeowner's association would probably have a fit if I set it up on the front lawn.  They don't understand my beautification vision.

    Funko has a little spin-off project called Vinyl Sugar which is taking classic characters we're all familiar with and giving them a more stylized treatment.  It seems that anything that doesn't fall within the Pop! realm is getting branded this way.  These include the more humorous Vinyl Idolz line you see above and a more exaggerated pin-up style for their Vinyl Vixens, like this Harley Quinn:

        And lets not forget the violent cuteness that their Dorbz collection brings:

    Of course Pop! Vinyl and Hikari were well represented.  I'm a bit partial to the Pop! line because they're really affordable and are a fun take on characters we all know and love.  Here's a few on my wishlist:

    Star Wars was the big deal in Hikari, and most of the figures looked really cool translated to this medium.  This line has always been hit or miss with me because I don't think everything works in this format (Transformers come to mind) by the Star Wars villains looked really cool:

    There was a ton more there but I got cats to feed and poop to scoop, so go and check out the rest of my pictures at



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