Friday, February 27, 2015

Copper Modern Hero Bank from Mad Available Today!

    You know what's genius about this bank?  It's the same color as the only money I have.  These cats are expensive son.  I've never seen creatures eat the way they do, or that were as hell bent on destroying all my stuff.  I don't know what they're insistent on acting like your mom's second husband, but it's killing me financially.  I wouldn't even bother putting my money in this bank because by the time it hit the bottom it would already be spent on cat food or that fancy litter they insist upon that costs a day's wages per bag.  Can a brother get a telethon?  

    But this Modern Hero bank from Mad sure is pretty to look at, even if the only thing you're storing in it is dust.  It's a beast at 18 inches tall and this copper colorway is limited to only 30 pieces that go on sale today over at  

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