Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tricera-Tanks from Galaxxor x Goodleg Toys

    My wife and I live in a townhouse that unfortunately has other townhouses next to it, which I suppose is kind of the whole premise of townhouses.  They only provide us with one reserved parking spot, which is kinda bogus because our next door neighbor has decided to shack up with this ugly chick who insists on parking her car in the empty space next to ours every day, forcing us to drive around the block to find another spot for our second car.  It's not so bad except for the fact that she doesn't actually live there, but always manages to leave her car there for days at a time when it's going to snow.  There's nothing worse in this world than shoveling out a parking space only to have some other moron pull into it with no regard for your hard work.  Especially when that person only wears sweat suits.  If there's one thing I can't stand it's being insulted by someone with such a lazy fashion sense.  

    The problem may stem from the fact that my Hyundai Accent doesn't convey the brutal authority I need to reclaim what I had originally taken.  I need a Tricera Tank.  Yeah, I know they're not a vehicle per se, but I feel like a dinosaur covered in weapons of mass destruction could theoretically carry me to work and back.  We could just get him an oversized Baby Bjorn and I could ride to work safely strapped to his chest.  That's luxury my friends!  And if that woman insists on stealing the freshly shoveled spot that I made for my own personal use, I can vaporize her with one of the many on board weapons options I have at my disposal.  These are the things I day dream about.

    Galaxxor and Goodleg Toys have combined their toy making efforts to create some lizards that are strapped to the gills, mad as hell, and aren't gonna take it anymore.  Only 5 of these dudes were made with this color scheme and they will be available starting tomorrow at noon CDT from .

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