Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Crazy Blow Your Dang Mind Toy Review: Inner Child from Nerviswr3k x Suburban Vinyl


    I'm not a big fan of reading instructions.  It's not that I'm stubborn, I just kind of like to figure things out on my own.  That's why when I received Suburban Vinyl's first ever self-produced toy in the mail, I didn't read the box.  So let me, in all my mentally untainted glory, tell you what I think the meaning of this toy designed by Nerviswr3k could be, before I cave in and find out the real deal.

    The kid is looking kinda bummed as he peeks out from the rather dangerous looking mouth of this critter.  He could have just been eaten and is now going through a very slow period of digestion that has forced him to accept his fate all the while his extremities are dissolving and unleashing their nutritional value.  That would make anyone sad.

    He could, however, be the monster' sinner most self, whose innocence is betrayed by his outward appearance.  He just wants to pet puppies and mentor at risk youth, but people run from him in fear.  Seriously though, you gotta shave down those teeth if you want people to feel totally safe.

    Alternatively, the monster could represent the hard exterior one has to adopt in a harsh world to protect their feelings.  The monster is a suit of armor, while the true person inside has to go unseen until he feels safe.

    That's a plethora of theories I have there, so now it's time to consult the box.  It turns out that my third idea is actually correct!  I totally missed my calling as a therapist, cause if I can read a toy like this, just think about all the people I could help.  I'd probably get pretty bored though unless your life was REALLY messed up and you hooked me with your story.  I'll stick with the toys and try not to ruin any actual human beings.

See, here's the proof that I was right!

    One thing that really impresses me about this toy is how well they captured the nuances of the customs that Nerviswr3k is known for.  Many times details get lost when translated from one medium to the next, but this really has that raw feel that is a signature of his work.  It really comes through when juxtaposed with the smooth texture of the face.  The sculpt has got a ton of nooks and hidden spots that could have easily been missed or glossed over, but so much attention was paid to every detail, even the shadows under his eyes were handled with precision.

    And the thing still kinda frightens me in the same way his customs do.  I have no problem believing that they could be swimming around in my city's water supply, just praying to make it into a batch of delicious Kool-Aid and play Hungry Hungry Hippos with my cells.  But that's also part of their charm.

   Their will be three different colors of this dude: blue, green, and the red one you see here.  This red guy will be available starting February 21st at noon eastern time at your favorite toy stores.  Each color is limited to 125 pieces and will sell for $45 each.

You can actually see the article you're reading on the screen there!  If that didn't blow your mind you could almost see that I wasn't wearing pants when I took this!  

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