Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yellow and Black Marbled Nadsat Boy from Kenth Toy Works x Toy Art Gallery

    I love the look of marbled vinyl.  It's all trippy looking like one of those Bill Graham posters from the 1960's.  Couldn't you see this guy on a sign outside the Fillmore, with Jefferson Airplane's name all distorted as it filled in the space around him?  

I'm just gonna leave this right here.

    Speaking of all things psychedelic, I worked with a guy who had a friend who decided he wanted to expand his mind by taking acid.  He ended up kicked out of college after he tore all of the drywall down in his dorm room and ate the insulation because he thought it was cotton candy.  I don't think a trip to the emergency room was the kind of trip he had in mind.

   Back to that beautiful toy specimen.  Nadsat Boy is the creation of Kenth Toy Works and Toy Art Gallery and will be available today at noon pacific time over at  And kids, don't do drugs.  They're a waste of good toy money.  

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