Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mint Green Gacha Minis from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    These look delicious.  I wonder why no one has ever made edible toys before.  Maybe they don't want you to have to choose between having your toy or biting it's yummy little head off.  I would be torn as to what to do.  I would probably eat it, knowing that I'd instantly regret it, then I would complain and my wife would tell me to be quiet because Downton Abbey is on and I'm totally ruining it.  I love that show.  Did you see Lady Mary's new haircut?  What a fox!  Edith is just insufferable though and I realize she's had it rough but you're never going to get out from your sister's shadow if all you do is mope around the house all day.

    Toy Art Gallery is releasing a new set of mini figures from Paul Kaiju today in hunger inducing mint green.  You can get a set of them for $60 starting at noon pacific time from

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