Friday, February 6, 2015

Ahwroo Edition Creamy from Gary Baseman x 3DRetro Releases Today!

    Has there ever been a more perfect visual representation of my relationship (or lack there of) with ice cream?  I haven't eaten any in at least 20 years, and my memory is not the greatest so that should tell you the pain it inflicted upon me the last time.  Do cry for me Argentina, because I can't say I really miss it.  I have instead substituted the deliciousness of a Coke Slurpee whenever I feel the need for a tasty frozen treat.  How come no one ever pay homage to the beauty that is the Coke Slurpee?  I would like to see that as the next great movement in art, because it's value to society is completely under appreciated.  

    Gary Baseman has taken two of his popular characters, mashed em up, and turned them into a the only kind of ice cream that doesn't make my insides quiver in fear: plastic.  If you want one then today is your lucky day because they are being released at 9am pacific time only at  They are limited to 200 peices and each come with a signed and numbered print.  Produced by the fine folks at 3DRetro.  

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