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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Big Time Awesome Toy Review Featuring Dalek’s Space Monkey Tenacious Toys Exclusive from 3DRetro


Jorah made a friend.

    Dalek's Space Monkey is designer toy royalty. It's on the same level as that rabbit with a nicotine problem, or those squarish bear figures that all the rappers love. There have been countless iterations of this guy because he's exactly what a good art toy should be: he's fun, a little creepy, sorta cute, and has a love for dangerous objects. That sounds like a dating profile, which I've never needed because I've been married since the Victorian era. One time when I was in a store buying a gift for someone they tried to get me to sign up for a rewards thing and I told them no thanks but they persisted and said "why not give it to your girlfriend" and I said I couldn't because my wife won't let me have a girlfriend and then my wife hit me because she was standing right next to me and boy was that something. I never miss an opportunity to prove why I deserve a Netflix special. 

Why did I pose him in my refrigerator in front of the orange juice? What are you, a cop?

    This particular Space Monkey was produced by Bigshot Toyworks for 3DRetro who then made this exclusive colorway for Tenacious Toys. I hope you got all that because there will be a test later. He's bright yellow with little green shorts that would make even the most confident man blush a little, but thankfully he is so unhinged he is not at all bothered showing off those thighs. I'm fact, he might be insulted if you didn't take a look and admire what his momma gave him. Go on, I’ll wait.

Thirst trap.

    Speaking of his physical attributes, this dude’s proportions are as aesthetically pleasing as designer toys come. He’s a cutely balanced physical specimen and standing at six and a half inches tall is that perfectly sized medium figure to fill those gaps on your shelf between your giant toys and your wee bitty ones. There are four points of articulation: one at each shoulder, one at the waist, and ball joint in his neck so you can spin his head like he needs an exorcism or cock it to one side like dogs do when you talk to them.  

   Good lord that’s unnerving. 

     He does come with two super sketchy accessories; a big knife and a mallet. Now having just watched that horror movie Smile, anyone with a grin like that and a weapon near by is not to be trusted. And this dude’s stretches almost to his brain stem. Add that to his crazy eyes and you’ve got something in front of you that has to be a little looney, right? Speaking of smiles, do you know what the hardest thing for me has been since I stopped wearing masks everywhere I go in public? Not making the same facial expressions I had such freedom with when they were hidden. I also developed a habit when I’m working on something and totally lost in the activity that my mouth kinda falls open and I stick my tongue out like I may have burnt through my last few brain cells. Those masks are really good at hiding the bit of drool that inevitably falls out and snaps me back to reality with a healthy dose of shame. 

    So now we have reached the inevitable conclusion of what has been, according to my mother, the greatest toy review in the entire world. The next logical step is for you to give into the obvious desire you have to own this figure and make it happen. You can do so by clicking this link. Now remember, this is a Tenacious Toys exclusive and is limited to only 100 pieces in the entire world, with only 80 of those actually available to purchase. That means you need to stop waiting around and grab yours today! 

Friday, November 12, 2021

The Debut of Andrew Heath's Frozen Culture from 3DRetro at DesignerCon

   I'm a brave man, but I don't know that I'm brave enough for blind bagged food.  My particular brand of bravery lies firmly in the areas of relocating an unwanted snake, or taking a look at a wound and giving my opinion on whether it's infected or not.  But grabbing a blank package, with no idea what the contents are inside, and commiting to eating whatever it is scares me more than explaining technology to the elderly.  The stories I could tell you about that are too numerous and horrifying for this post.

   Thankfully, as delicious as Andrew Heath's Frozen Culture toys may look, their flavor is of absolutely no concern to me or you.  That's because these officially licensed Back to the Future vinyls are strictly for collecting and not eating.  There's seven different versions to acquire and they are sold blind bagged, so each one is a surprise.  There's also a collection of pins and prints with everything debuting at this weekend's DesignerCon from 3DRetro's booth number 405.  If you buy enough of them Ben might let you drive his Delorean, but probably not.  

Thursday, November 11, 2021

DirtyTrooper "Bullheaded" from Brian Viveros x 3DRetro


     3DRetro does not want me to be financially stable.  They have declared war on my wallet, fired shots at my credit score, and will not rest until I have to make what looks like the inevitable choice of food or figures.  I mean, I could probably stand to lose a few pounds, but that's entirely not the point.  

    I'm not good at spending money and earlier this year I had to convince myself to purchase the beyond amazing vulture toy they did with Camille Rose Garcia.  Since it has become the literal center piece of my collection (it's freakin huge) I can't imagine life without it.  And I don't want to have to think about living without this beauty from Brian Viveros.  

   "Bulheaded" from Brian Viveros will be making her debut this weekend at DesignerCon in California, so attendees will get their first shot at owning one.  Though fear not, because the rest of us will have a chance as well and the extra time just gives you the ability to sell some plasma and make some room on your credit card.  They'll be at 3DRetro's booth number 405 and make the perfect gift for your favorite toy blogger this holiday season.  That's me...I'm your favorite.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Trifecta of Black Friday Exclusive Releases from Tenacious Toys

    I enjoy a dumb American ritual as much as the next guy, but I have never once participated in the battle royale that is Black Friday shopping.  I'm talking about the old school, "get in line at 5 in the morning and be willing to punch as many people in the face as it takes to get a George Forman Grill for half price" event that place the day after Thanksgiving.  I've been an employee at a few companies where Black Friday was important, and by far the craziest scene was when Tickle Me Elmo was released.  I worked at a department store in Virginia and we only got 6 of the creepy vibrating Muppets for sale, though a mob of about 50 people were pawing at our doors like extras from a George Romero film that morning, desperate to own one.  In the store manager's infinite wisdom he decided the fairest way to deal with what would obviously be a problem was to line all 6 of them up on our service desk, unlock the door, and get the hell out of the way.  I think you know what happens next.  A surging mass of humanity nearly ripped the doors from the hinges, fighting and clawing its way to its goal.  Six people reached the plush toys; cradling them to their bodies to protect them from prying hands.  One woman was literally punched in the jaw by a grown man looking to usurp her prize.  I stood there stunned at what I was seeing; my 15 year old body incapable if not unwilling to intervene.  Hovering just below the cries of vulgarity and injury I could here a fainter, yet easily distinguishable sound that underlined the chaos.  It was the sound of high pitched laughter, coming from the dolls that would soon make a few kids Christmas mornings the best ever, even if they had to be careful when hugging mommy so her stitches didn't break.

     Of course with the rise of online shopping the madness around Black Friday has died down a bit, but the amazing deals to be had are just as prevalent.  Tenacious Toys is using this time honored unofficial holiday to release three brand new exclusive figures that you won't even have to kick anyone in the head for.  I mean, you still can if you want, but it would be wholly unjustified.

    At 10 am you will be able to score the first ever production release from Cat Atomic as he has lent his signature style to the very popular TEQ63 figure from Quiccs.  It stands 6 inches tall, is produced by Martian Toys in soft vinyl and will be priced at $80 each.  Only 150 of these exist and their release will be staggered every 15 minutes for an hour.

   Last Resort Toys has created a new series of mini figures called Run-A-Mucks and in a not so surprising turn of events, has allocated the blue versions to be an exclusive for Tenacious Toys.  Each set comes with 6 designs that stand about 2 inches tall.  Each set is $22 and limited to 150 pieces worldwide.  These will be available beginning at noon.

And finally we have Candy Cornelius from Alex Pardee and 3DRetro in an exclusive Giant Shark edition.  Personally, it reminds me of the last scene in The Shinning where Jack Nicholson has taken on the appearance of a freezer burned chicken tender.  That probably would have been too long of a title to print on the box.  This mean looking sugar demon stands nearly 8 inches tall and is limited to, you guessed it, 150 pieces.  He'll cost ya $65 when he's released at 1pm.

All of these can only be found by visiting

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Goldenrod Dinokitty from Mab Graves x 3DRetro

     I don't get bent out of shape very often if I happen to miss a toy release.  I tend toward look on the bright side like "I guess it wasn't meant to be" or "hey I can pay the gas bill now".  But let me tell you how gutted I was to miss out on the first Dinokitty release from Mab Graves and 3DRetro.  I almost Kyle'd all the drywall in the house and my wife had to talk me out of burning down the local Wal-Mart mostly because that's where we buy our groceries and not because she has some weird stance against arson.  I really wanted that toy.

     If you were as tormented by your lack of Dinokitty as I was then you'll be happy as a clam with what I'm about to tell you.  Or if you read title you probably already know and this part will be completely anticlimactic to you.  I apologize.  For everyone else, this Friday will see the second colorway of the elusive Dinokitty!!!!  Presented in beautiful goldenrod, this reptilian feline is limited to 250 pieces and will go on sale August 16th at noon pacific time.  I'll be at work, but I will coincidentally have to use the bathroom around this time.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Vinyl Kitty Rex Release Party Featuring Mab Graves at 3DRetro

    The history of Kitty Rex is not one that you will find in any text book, what with their need to be "factual".  Reality is not something I like to get hung up on, so let me tell you all about them.  The Kitty Rex's reign followed that of the Dinosaurs, though no one knows exactly where they came from.  It's thought that the crater made by the evil death meteor appealed to them for use as a litter box, but the fossil records have not confirmed it.  Our modern cats evolved from them as a means of survival because their tiny feline reptilian arms were unable to open cans of food, nearly leading to their extinction.  Feel free to use any of these completely baseless facts at your next dinner party.

    I was kinda depressed when Mab Graves made her mini Dino Kitties and I missed out on them.  I needed them in my life more than I realized and when it didn't happen a great cloud of despair fell upon me.  But fear not, for my melancholy lifted the moment I saw this.  3DRetro has put the fabled Kitty Rex into full vinyl production mode and you can get yours first when they host a release party this Saturday.  Mab Graves will be there to sign your figures and be all David Attenborough with any questions you may have regarding the species.  This version is limited to 200 pieces, will retail for $80, and can first be had during the release party in Southern California.  Any leftovers will then make their way online for those unable to attend.  I haven't done this in a while, but I feel secure in awarding this figure the highest compliment I can offer:

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Basuritas Vinyl Toys from Mishka x Kalaka Toys x 3DRetro

   My Saturday was jam packed:  first I went to work, then I came home to eat dinner, then I went back to work but at a different place than the first time cause I'm trying to make that Wrestlemania money.  The struggle is real, but even if I wasn't working my hands to the bones I still live 3,000 miles away from 3DRetro and the killer Basuritas release party they threw.  So while many of us were unable to attend don't get too depressed, because the very figures the shindig was celebrating are now available online.   These vinyl toys were created by Kalaka Toys and Mishka and are heavily inspired by Garbage Pail Kids (Basuritas were the Argentinian version of those wonderfully gross trading cards).

     Each four pack is blind bagged and will come in either red, green, black, or glow in the dark.   So even if you find yourself at work, go take one of those on the clock bathroom breaks and order a set or two on your phone.  Pooping on company time is the best way to get back at your employer for all the psychological damage they have caused you without the expense and hassle of having to hire a lawyer.  

     These are available now at

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Stabby Vinyl Figure from Craola x 3DRetro

    Anyone that is #blessed enough to work with the public more than likely feels a little stabby on a daily basis.  Feeling stabby means that you get the notion, should you be able to get away with it free and clear, that you would like to cut someone with a bladed instrument.  Through countless hours of research that have all been detrimental to my stability, I have determined that 1 in every 3 people is both crazy and unreasonable.  No matter what you do for them, no matter the rules you break or the lengths you go, your encounter with them will chip away at your very being.   I'd love to give you a specific example but I've been advised by my health care professional to try and let go of past trauma.

    This little dude looks like he would try and convince you to stab people regardless of the consequences.  He'd maintain that devilish grin while espousing the benefits of attempted murder.  He is the creation of on Greg "Craola" Simkins and 3DRetro has brought him to life in vinyl toy form.  Available starting today, February 20th, at noon pacific time, this limited edition weapon of minor destruction can be yours for only $50.  Get Stabby by visiting  

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Jurassic Park Designer Vinyl Figure Collection from 3DRetro

    I'm not much for theme parks, mainly because I'm not a ride kind of dude.  I'm terrified of heights so anything that stays close to the ground is ok, but that leaves out most of the fun stuff.  The few roller coasters I have somehow been convinced to ride didn't have any loops and the "fun" I had involved staring at my feet and praying for the whole thing to be over.  My favorite of those was the Scooby Doo coaster at Kings Dominion outside of Richmond, Virginia and that was only because I was rewarded for my bravery with a blue cupcake and slushie from the mushroom shaped stand in Smurf Village.  Being nauseous only put a slight damper on my victory.

   If someone would get on with making Jurassic Park a reality they could sell me a season pass right now.  We've all been waiting for it to happen since the first movie came out, but all these scientists are too worried about "ethics" and "liability" to give us the real life dinosaur experience we deserve.  We don't need robots landing on Mars, people, we need a Jurassic Park.  Preferably located in Florida so when things go bad no one will notice.

   Until we are given what we so justly deserve, we will have to use our imaginations in tandem with these vinyl figures from 3DRetro.  They have three different toys from three very different artists to interest even the most discerning of collectors.  The half dissected T-Rex you see above there as created by mural maker extraordinaire Nychos, the frilled spitty lizard as reimagined by Joe Ledbetter:

    And this cute little dinosaur cosplay of Juan Muniz's signature character, Filipe:

     These will be available starting today (November 28th) at noon pacific time only at  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

3DRetro Exclusive Releases for the Life is Beautiful Festival

   I've never been to Las Vegas, but I live about 15 minutes from Atlantic City so I feel I've gotten the Cliffs Notes version of it.  Casinos are a disorienting carnival of free drinks, flashing lights, and forgetting momentarily that the money you're feeding that slot machine is proportionate to the amount you have to bargain with the electric company to not cut your power off.  I can see the appeal, don't get me wrong, especially as easily distracted as I am by shiny things. And I don't know anyone who doesn't have a dream about being independently wealthy.  I had a dream last night that I lived in this massive house that kept getting bigger the more I explored it and I never had to leave because it had a grocery store and a doctor's office.

    The casinos are pretty much all Atlantic City has going for it so I am extremely jealous of events such as this that are absent from our little seaside den of sin.  The Life is Beautiful Festival promises attendees a weekend of music and art, and while most of the bands aren't my cup of tea, the art alone is worth the trip.  M Modern Gallery has a lineup for their Crime on Canvas exhibit that is beyond drool worthy, and 3DRetro will be there selling some exclusive vinyl toys.  There will be new releases from personal favorites Gary Baseman and Shag, as well as a glow in the dark edition of KRK Ryden's Moe Hawk figure.  Check out the pictures and if you're in the Las Vegas area this weekend and an art fan, you have no excuse not to be a part of this.

Friday, April 13, 2018

3DRetro Has Two Huge Releases from Coop and Doktor A

   Pills: Many of us are on them.  More of us should be.  I myself am not into the idea of recreational drug use but if I ever changed my mind I think I would try acid at Disney World.  Maybe it isn't the best idea to do hallucinogens at what equates to an upscale carnival, but if you're going to be damaged psychologically you might as well have some good stories to tell your shrink when he makes his rounds at the mental hospital.  I'm sure Coop's inspiration for this figure was a bit deeper than my idea of a fun mid life crisis, but that hasn't been confirmed.  No matter the back story, this icon for the happiest place on Earth is the perfect mascot for our times.  This "Old Timey" edition of Mickey Finn is limited to 200 pieces and will retail for $45 each.

   In an effort to bring some classical elegance home,   I bought a bust in Brooklyn at a flea market and neglected to think about having to carry it around the rest of the day.  The damn thing felt like it was made of black matter and I almost ditched it a few times.  Did I mention it was 96 degrees out, which in New York translates roughly to being boiled alive?  I'm full of good ideas.

    While this bust from Doktor A will more than likely weigh less than the one I bought, it is a lot cooler.  And in keeping with our drug theme it's name is Anesthesia, which ties this whole post together.  I bet you thought I couldn't bring it home but I did and now you have been embarrassed for your non belief.  This version is limited to only 50 pieces and can be yours for $100.

   Both of these can be yours when they are released today (Friday, April 13th) at 11am pacific time from

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lava Bear Winter Edition from Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro

   I'm very conflicted about this Lava Bear colorway.  He's called a Lava Bear, but he has a frozen motif going on.  Volcanoes don't erupt ice flows and glaciers aren't made of magma, so my head is spinning like that one time I hit it on a shopping cart.  Don't ask how that happened, not because it's an embarrassing story, but because I hit my head hard enough to not comprehend how things went down.  Or to give a more recent example, when I found out that there is a town in New Jersey called West New York.  What is that?  How can you even write that down somewhere without feeling weird about it?  I'm seriously working myself up into a panic over this.

   Nathan Hamill has burned out my mental cylinders with his willingness to spit in the face of nature,  but his addition of flocking has has swayed me to the dark side.  Yes, this is the first toy that he's ever made that's fuzzy!  But only 75 of you will be able to experience how great it will feel petting one of these, because that's all he made!  You'll get a shot at new toy ownership this Friday, February 2nd at noon pacific time.  Eighty bucks will get it done and they're only going to be available from  In the meantime I hope Nathan avoids all prosecution for witchcraft in his attempt to sway the natural order of things.  Don't act like you'd be surprised if we all of a sudden started burning witches again in this country, because things have taken a rather crazy turn for the worst this past year.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Designer Con Exclusives from 3DRetro

    Seeing these exclusives 3DRetro has in store for Designer Con makes me wish I was able to go.  But it's cool, I'll just be at work ignoring my responsibilities while perusing social media to see all the fun you're having.  And if you're not going just know you won't be the only one gently weeping into your cell phone.  Make sure you have a screen protector that's not cracked because tears of envy void the warranty.

     First up is this utterly stunning Jade Clairvoyant Dunny from J*Ryu and Kidrobot.  By far my favorite version of this figure, I first spotted this during New York Comic Con and it looks so much like actual jade you expect it to be cold when you touch it.  It's a beautiful piece of plastic that's limited to only 100 pieces and at $100 will be one of the big hits of the show.  Perfect for storing any ancient spirits you may have lying around the house that you just don't know what to do with.  And in case you're wondering it's never to early to shop for your favorite toy blogger for Christmas.

    Look at these little jawns from Gary Baseman!  Yeah, I said "jawns" because it is a part of my vernacular and soon midwestern housewives will be saying it the same way Beyonce made them profess that everything "slays", which is dumb by the way.  If anything was ever a jawn it would be these mini figures sold in blind packs of two (one of each figure) for only $4 each.  You can't pick the colors you get, but you can choose to eat one less convention center hot dog to afford them.

    I tried to skateboard when I was a kid but I had this really strong fear of falling and knocking out my teeth that prevented me from reaching my potential.  My fearlessness didn't kick in until my 30's and now I think it's fun to spend a week in the woods looking for bear just for the chance to watch them.  They're really impressive outside of a zoo setting when they're just doing their thing and wondering why some weirdo just traversed a hill to take their picture.    And of course now I can't skateboard because I don't heal as quickly as I used to and I don't want to be the old guy at the mall carrying around a skateboard that he obviously didn't just buy for his kid.  

    This guy's name is Moe Hawk (I see what you did there) and he was created by KRK Ryden.  Get one for $60 and live vicariously (and safely) through him.  

    This is Anesthesia, and she is rather haunted looking.  For real, this looks like it was found at an estate sale and is about to start up a five film horror franchise.  Which is why I like it.  Doktor A sculpted this lady and named her after the best sleep you'll get without having St. Peter look you up in his book.  And I loooooooooove a good patina, which this figure has plenty of to keep me happy.  I'm not sure how much it is but Designer Con only comes once a year so don't be a baby about financial stuff and think about how great it's going to look on your mantle.  

    All of this and more can be yours by visiting booth #532


Friday, October 20, 2017

The Astronaut Darkness Edition Release Event from Alex Pardee x 3DRetro

   Alex Pardee used to live in Florida.  He finally came to his senses and got the hell out of there.  Now he lives in California and you can congratulate him on not getting eaten by dinosaurs when he hangs out at 3DRetro tomorrow night.  Of course he's not just there so you can shower him with praise and ask him how he managed to escape the state that ruins every election.  Nope, he's also got an exclusive version of his Toy Qube produced Astronaut figure and a bunch of other cool stuff so you can up your collectibles game.  The whole shindig goes down at 6pm so if you're in the Los Angeles area you should go and check it out and see a real live person that made it out of Florida's evil clutches.  It's like a sideshow except you won't feel so dirty about gawking once you leave.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

3DRetro is Hosting a Release Party/Signing for Kidrobot's Adult Swim Mini Series

    Have you ever wondered what kind of twisted people create your favorite shows on Adult Swim?  Come face to face with them without the worry of a restraining order tomorrow (Friday April 28th) as 3DRetro and Kidrobot proudly present the new Adult Swim mini series.  Creators and cast members from Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken will be there to sign your toys, answer your questions, and tell you how awesome your show idea is though somehow that contract they swear they're going to fax never seems to make it (Octo-Pope is the hero we all need right now and you know it).  

    All the event details are right here for your viewing pleasure so if you live in the Los Angeles area this is a no brainer. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kaiju Frankenstein from Nathan Hamill x Touma x 3DRetro

    This is what happens when you take those trips down to Mexico in an effort to save on plastic surgery.  There are many ways to become fiscally responsible, like cutting down on your visits to Starbucks, or hitchhiking wherever you need to go, but invasive medical procedures should be at the bottom of that list.  Along with cable television, because that is a necessity.

   Frankenstein's dueling personas aren't the result of a medical vacation in Tijuana though.  He's feeling a bit torn because he was created by two different folks.  Nathan Hamill designed one side, Touma the other and then 3DRetro slapped em together to create this conflicted looking monster.  Do you think they share one brain and always agree, or do you think that like conjoined twins they have their own personalities that fight to be unique?  Pick one up at for $49.99 and create your own narrative.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

General Tso's Nightmare Release Party at 3DRetro

    Oh my goodness you know I need one of these fancy chicken dudes from Frank Kozik and Kidrobot.  It would look so good next to my Colonel plastic bank that I got at the end of last summer. There he was, shining like a plastic beacon of amazing in an antique shop in Washington State, and I knew I had to have him.  The dude is an icon of deliciousness and deserves to be celebrated for his achievement.  I also bought a metal wall hanging that depicts two elk that some dude with a torch carved out, but that's not really relevant to anything or I would have brought that up sooner.

    Is this an homage to secret herbs and spices, a depiction of what eating too much chicken will do to you, or the penance that a southern gentleman now faces who built an empire on the backs of genetically enhanced poultry?  Why don't you ask Frank himself when he appears at 3DRetro in Glendale, California on Friday April 29th to celebrate this toy's release.  They'll have both the regular white version and some of the black and gold Kidrobot exclusive editions for sale and if you ask real nice maybe Frank will draw you a smorkin chicken on the bucket-shaped packaging.  Or maybe he'll be mad at me for suggesting that and having to draw farm foul all night long.  Oops.

   The whole shindig starts at 7pm and lasts till the fun runs out (or some predetermined time I don't know about).  Supposedly there will be actual fried chicken there as well, which is the sign of a good party if you ask me.

Monday, January 18, 2016

3DRetro is Throwing a Release Party for The 8 Inch Sketracha Dunny from Sket One x Kidrobot

    People love this Sriracha stuff.  The other day while walking through Target I noticed that they even had Sriracha branded boxer shorts, which could send mixed messages to anyone that sees you wearing them.  They could assume that what you got going on is so hot you just have to advertise it.  Or they could assume that what you got going on is akin to the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and they should steer clear of the fallout.  You should be very aware of who your audience is before you wear those.

    A less ambiguous method of showing your love for the spicy condiment is with the new 8 inch Sketracha Dunny from Sket One and Kidrobot.  It's the safer alternative for me, as my digestive system is a delicate flower.  There's a release party happening at 3DRetro this Friday where you can pick up the toy, have it signed by the artist, and dine at some fancy food trucks they'll have parked outside.  All the details you need are in the picture, you just have to clear off your calendar and go.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"The 13" Dunny Series from Brandt Peters x Kidrobot Release Party at 3DRetro

    Whatcha doing this Friday?  You don't have to actually tell me, because I can't be held to secrecy if you're up to something weird.  I'll tell all your business.  You're gonna want to cancel any and all plans you may have had and instead go hang out with Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas as they release  a brand new Dunny series at 3D Retro. This is Kidrobot's first Dunny series in what seems like forever and just may be my favorite one yet.  I saw some of them in person at New York Comic Con this past weekend and they do not disappoint.  If you're lucky enough to attend this event and buy an entire case of toys (because not doing so would be silly) they will be giving out the chase piece as an added bonus (on a limited basis, so get there early).  Imagine not having to sweat as you prepare to open each box, your face turned upwards praying to every god you can remember from your "history of the world's religions" class at the community college.  It could be the most stress-free moment of your blind box opening life.  

      All the info you need to go is in the picture up there and if you're not able to go, cause maybe you are geographically prohibited, fear not because these figures release world wide the same day on and wherever else designer toys are sold.