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Friday, January 22, 2021

Buff Monster's Liberty Resin Figures and Prints


   Over the last four years, the standard icons of American life evoked anxiety rather than pride for me.  Add corona virus on top of the political turmoil and the term"dumpster fire" barely covered it. Things were pretty bleak, but as of this Wednesday I once again feel like there is hope in the world.  That science, and reason, and basic human decency have a chance to thrive.  And I am more than happy to help support an America-themed release that is finally something positive after such a long time where it would have been impossible to create such a work.  

    Buff Monster has gone full patriotic with this Liberty resin figure.  And he's gone big, because this beacon of freedom stands at nearly a foot tall.  Each one is made of rotocasted resin, is hand painted, and comes in a pretty sweet wooden box befitting its status.  This edition is limited to 25 unique pieces and will be available at 11am on Friday, January 22nd from

    There will also be a limited edition screen print for those of you that still have space on your walls.  I don't know what that's like and have begun rotating our pieces like a museum.  I should really do a themed show one day, just for my wife and the cats.  But back to this print, which is is limited to only 100 copies in this 18" x 24" signed and numbered edition.  It will be available at the same time as the figures on

Friday, September 15, 2017

Your Last Chance To Own a Chrome Mister Melty from Buff Monster


  If the last thing you needed for your custom chopper was a chromed out Mister Melty from Buff Monster then you've got one shot at completing the bike of your dreams.  That's because today (September 15) at 10 am eastern time is the last time these chrome figures will ever be offered.  No minds will be changed, no pleas will be heard, this is absolutely it.  You don't have to bolt this five inch figure to a set of handle bars, but it wouldn't look out of place if you did.  Seize the day at

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pink Chrome Mister Melty from Buff Monster

       This thing sure is purrty.  Chrome is a great finish for anything because it's somewhat fancy but somewhat trashy at the same time, depending on what it's applied to.  Chrome parts on your motorcycle are fancy, but if you chrome out a the car sitting on cinder blocks in your front yard and turn it into a beer cooler, that's kinda trashy.  Though is you have a car like that in front of your house putting some chrome on it might be considered an attempt at beautifying the neighborhood and thus keeping code enforcement at bay.  I guess it really comes down to perspective.

     You don't need much sense to realize that this pink chrome Mister Melty is fancy as hell.  I don't know how they managed to make this half sofubi half resin dude so shiny, but the results are pretty cool.  You can add one of these rare birds to your collection this Friday, April 21st at 10am est from

Friday, November 6, 2015

Mister Melty (Super Creamier Edition) from Buff Monster

    Sometimes I think of making my own resin figures.  I've got plenty of ideas for little dudes to sell you at a premium and I feel pretty confident I could work out the mechanics of it.  The problem is that I would be all gung ho buying the supplies but then they would just collect dust in my basement.  I'd take out the trash, or buy cat food, or do one of the thousand other things I think of on my days off and would eventually forget I even have the stuff.  It's my curse, which as far as curses go is probably not that severe.  I could get violently ill every time a WWE pay per view is on, or I could be allergic to Slurpees.  See, gotta focus on the bright side of things.

    Buff Monster obviously has no scheduling issues as he has created a butt ton of resin Mister Meltys for this release.    These are called the Super Creamium edition and each one is unique and comes in a hand painted box.  These are available starting today at 10am eastern time from  Only 40 exist in the whole wide world, which ain't that many when you think about how many people are gonna want one.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sue Resin Figure from Buff Monster x Healeymade

    This is the cutest ice cream headed, cyclops girl I've ever seen.  And I've seen a few in my day.  I grew up in Virginia after all and there's some crazy stuff going on in the woods down South.  Stuff that would blow your mind and shake the very foundations of everything you knew to be true.  

    Sue is the creation of Buff Monster and Healeymade, and they are changing her sculpt after this release.  So you better get on this before she goes under the knife, cause you never know how surgery will turn out.  These go on sale tomorrow (May 24th) at