Friday, November 6, 2015

Mister Melty (Super Creamier Edition) from Buff Monster

    Sometimes I think of making my own resin figures.  I've got plenty of ideas for little dudes to sell you at a premium and I feel pretty confident I could work out the mechanics of it.  The problem is that I would be all gung ho buying the supplies but then they would just collect dust in my basement.  I'd take out the trash, or buy cat food, or do one of the thousand other things I think of on my days off and would eventually forget I even have the stuff.  It's my curse, which as far as curses go is probably not that severe.  I could get violently ill every time a WWE pay per view is on, or I could be allergic to Slurpees.  See, gotta focus on the bright side of things.

    Buff Monster obviously has no scheduling issues as he has created a butt ton of resin Mister Meltys for this release.    These are called the Super Creamium edition and each one is unique and comes in a hand painted box.  These are available starting today at 10am eastern time from  Only 40 exist in the whole wide world, which ain't that many when you think about how many people are gonna want one.

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