Monday, November 16, 2015

Help Kickstart "The Bear Death God" From Akashik Records Vinyl Toys

        I'm really excited that I was only born with one head.  The maintenance on the one I have is bad enough, so I couldn't imagine having to take care of two of these things.  I'd have double the sinus issues, double the sets of eyes that would need glasses, and I'm sure Hair Cuttery is gonna charge you twice even though each head is attached to the same body.  Seems like a scam to me.

    I'd be totally down though if one of my heads wasn't human, maybe a bear like this dude.  Then I'd be on tv all the time, rich as hell, and if my bear head bit the crap out of you oh well, you shouldn't get that close to a bear.  You wouldn't try taken sefies with The Bear Death God, cause for one that name alone should drain the power from your phone's battery, and two, this sucker would straight kill you.  He's not only got duel melons, but double the weaponry to keep your sassy mouth in check.  As mean as this bro looks, Akashik Records Vinyl Toys can't make him a reality with you.  Check out the Kickstarter here to help out any way you can and score yourself some cool stuff as a result.

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