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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Krell Edition Thomas Nosuke from Doktor A x Tomenosuke

    Man am I ever obsessed with the storming of Area 51.  This is the second day in a row I've written about it and I refuse to not be hype.  My wife pointed out, as she is the more observant of the two of us, that this is the first real thing to encompass every popular meme on the Internet.  Whether it's the woman with the crooked haircut that wants to speak to your manager, or Harambe (r.i.p.), or even Kyle and his love for punching drywall, this phenomena has brought them all together.  What if, now hear me out, the raid on Area 51 is just the thing this country needs to make us realize that deep down we're all the same?  That the need to "see them aliens" will heal the great divides that our horrible government seems to widen on a daily basis.   This could be the watershed moment our time needs; the moment historians will look back favorably on as the one that defined the prosperous future that they enjoy.  Probably not, but damnit a boy can dream.

   Who's to say what the aliens we liberate are going to look like, but maybe they'll have some of the old timey flair of Doktor A's Thomas Nosuke.  I'm completely smitten with the matte copper finish of this Krell edition and you already know I'm a sucker for a good patina.  This collaboration between the good Doktor and Tomenosuke is ridiculously limited at only 40 pieces to be sold online here.  Try your best when they go on sale this Friday, July 19th, at 7:59 pst.  If you miss out he will also have 5 artist proofs available, giving you two chances at owning one.  Me thinks you should follow him on social media for more info and to see whether he will be making his way out to the Nevada desert this September to join the raiding party.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Jasper: Series Zero Blind Box Release from Gary Ham x Martian Toys

   I have a distinct love/hate relationship with blind box toys.  On the one hand, I'm all about them when I first start collecting a new series and every box has a high potential for a new figure.  I start to really hate them when I only need a few toys to complete a set and get 15 of the same design that end up accumulating in my basement to be found later by the unlucky sucker that has to settle my estate.  I could fill a graveyard with doubles of blind box toys and with the lack of success I have at horticulture, I may consider using the barren soil of my garden for them rather than uncooperative plants.  The tiny tombstones will be so adorable.

    Martian Toys is turning the idea of the blind box on its head with Jasper.  You can buy them in mystery fashion, pray to whatever God you think controls good luck in picking toys, and be completely unaware of the inner contents of the package. OR you could skip whatever the fates have in store for you and buy a complete set.  Quit the games and get right down to business by getting them all in one shot!  This is the kind of forward thinking desperately needed for all of us who are obsessed with the idea of owning every figure and are also trying to maintain a level of civility while doing so.

    I'm so enamored by the idea of how they'll be available that I've completely glossed over the toys themselves.  Jasper was created by Gary Ham and this first collection features his design alongside those of Doktor A, Jellykoe, Muxxi, Dex Dexign Lab, Mizna Wada, and Yema Yema.  Plus, as if you needed an extra incentive to get em all, complete sets also come with a bonus 8th figure from Gary Ham!

    These three inch figures will be available starting today, Friday April 12, at noon eastern time from

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Red Handed Mandrake Root from Doktor A x Toy Art Gallery

     The character from Nick Cave's murderously creepy song Red Right Hand had exactly what the title describes: a single, sinister colored appendage that I'm fairly certain was up to no good.   I mean, why else would it be red?  Blood I'm guessing, or a really bad, awkwardly specific sunburn.  So imagine the list of naughty doings this guy has working, as he had TWO red hands...and red feet...and red thingys coming out of his face.   Lots of red on this fella.

    Doktor A and Toy Art Gallery are releasing this latest edition of their Mandrake Root figure today Wednesday, April 3rd to make your hump day a little more interesting.  This dude is based on an actual Mandrake, which when pulled out of the ground resembles some freaky little dirt person that is used in magical spells and whatnot.  Imagine now, the first person that ever found one and how it freaked out his ancient superstitious mind.  Then imagine the person that thought it looked delicious and died horribly as a result.  There is literally no further point to either thing you are imagining, you've just got a really weird train of thought.  Sicko.

    This guy comes complete with a matching little buddy to handle any over flow evil deeds.  Get em at noon pacific time only at


Friday, April 13, 2018

3DRetro Has Two Huge Releases from Coop and Doktor A

   Pills: Many of us are on them.  More of us should be.  I myself am not into the idea of recreational drug use but if I ever changed my mind I think I would try acid at Disney World.  Maybe it isn't the best idea to do hallucinogens at what equates to an upscale carnival, but if you're going to be damaged psychologically you might as well have some good stories to tell your shrink when he makes his rounds at the mental hospital.  I'm sure Coop's inspiration for this figure was a bit deeper than my idea of a fun mid life crisis, but that hasn't been confirmed.  No matter the back story, this icon for the happiest place on Earth is the perfect mascot for our times.  This "Old Timey" edition of Mickey Finn is limited to 200 pieces and will retail for $45 each.

   In an effort to bring some classical elegance home,   I bought a bust in Brooklyn at a flea market and neglected to think about having to carry it around the rest of the day.  The damn thing felt like it was made of black matter and I almost ditched it a few times.  Did I mention it was 96 degrees out, which in New York translates roughly to being boiled alive?  I'm full of good ideas.

    While this bust from Doktor A will more than likely weigh less than the one I bought, it is a lot cooler.  And in keeping with our drug theme it's name is Anesthesia, which ties this whole post together.  I bet you thought I couldn't bring it home but I did and now you have been embarrassed for your non belief.  This version is limited to only 50 pieces and can be yours for $100.

   Both of these can be yours when they are released today (Friday, April 13th) at 11am pacific time from

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Designer Con Exclusives from 3DRetro

    Seeing these exclusives 3DRetro has in store for Designer Con makes me wish I was able to go.  But it's cool, I'll just be at work ignoring my responsibilities while perusing social media to see all the fun you're having.  And if you're not going just know you won't be the only one gently weeping into your cell phone.  Make sure you have a screen protector that's not cracked because tears of envy void the warranty.

     First up is this utterly stunning Jade Clairvoyant Dunny from J*Ryu and Kidrobot.  By far my favorite version of this figure, I first spotted this during New York Comic Con and it looks so much like actual jade you expect it to be cold when you touch it.  It's a beautiful piece of plastic that's limited to only 100 pieces and at $100 will be one of the big hits of the show.  Perfect for storing any ancient spirits you may have lying around the house that you just don't know what to do with.  And in case you're wondering it's never to early to shop for your favorite toy blogger for Christmas.

    Look at these little jawns from Gary Baseman!  Yeah, I said "jawns" because it is a part of my vernacular and soon midwestern housewives will be saying it the same way Beyonce made them profess that everything "slays", which is dumb by the way.  If anything was ever a jawn it would be these mini figures sold in blind packs of two (one of each figure) for only $4 each.  You can't pick the colors you get, but you can choose to eat one less convention center hot dog to afford them.

    I tried to skateboard when I was a kid but I had this really strong fear of falling and knocking out my teeth that prevented me from reaching my potential.  My fearlessness didn't kick in until my 30's and now I think it's fun to spend a week in the woods looking for bear just for the chance to watch them.  They're really impressive outside of a zoo setting when they're just doing their thing and wondering why some weirdo just traversed a hill to take their picture.    And of course now I can't skateboard because I don't heal as quickly as I used to and I don't want to be the old guy at the mall carrying around a skateboard that he obviously didn't just buy for his kid.  

    This guy's name is Moe Hawk (I see what you did there) and he was created by KRK Ryden.  Get one for $60 and live vicariously (and safely) through him.  

    This is Anesthesia, and she is rather haunted looking.  For real, this looks like it was found at an estate sale and is about to start up a five film horror franchise.  Which is why I like it.  Doktor A sculpted this lady and named her after the best sleep you'll get without having St. Peter look you up in his book.  And I loooooooooove a good patina, which this figure has plenty of to keep me happy.  I'm not sure how much it is but Designer Con only comes once a year so don't be a baby about financial stuff and think about how great it's going to look on your mantle.  

    All of this and more can be yours by visiting booth #532


Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Talking Board 5 Inch Dunny from Doktor A x Kidrobot

    The five inch Dunny platform is quickly becoming my favorite.  Not only is the size perfect for those of us that are running out of shelf space, but the designs Kidrobot has showcased on it have pushed the boundaries of where the toy can go.  The latest is the Talking Board from Doktor A.  Based on a custom he did many moons ago, this is one of those toys you have to hold in your hands to really appreciate the intricacies of both the design and the finished product.  Luckily, I have had one for a few days now so I'm telling you this based on my own first hand experience.  He fits in beautifully with my cabinet of curiosities and is right now the only toy I have in there amidst the bones and quack medical devices.  Just look how happy he is posed next to a donation card from the Body Worlds exhibit:

    You can get your own and use it to contact the spirit realm when he goes on sale this Friday, August 25th.  The red edition will be available wherever you like to buy your designer toys, while the green version is an exclusive to  

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Hallowroot" Edition Mandrake Root from Doktor A x Toy Art Gallery

    The real mandrake root that this toy is based on is shaped like a little person and will supposedly make you trip until that band Phish is listenable.  I don't know why anyone would want to lose control to the point they're enjoying jam bands and I sure as hell wouldn't eat some human shaped yam for dinner, so the mandrake root really has no place in my life.  Plus, they don't sell it at Wal-Mart so I wouldn't even know where to get one.

    Halloween is the best time for toy releases because everything is guaranteed to be in a color scheme I like.  For example, this toy right here from Doktor A and Toy Art Gallery.  He's decked out in a perfect paint application for the season and he even comes with a little friend to do his bidding/grocery shopping.  What does an evil yam buy at the grocery store anyway?  Root shaped people?  Did this just turn into a Twilight Zone episode?  And speaking of the Twilight Zone, how come every time they air one of those marathons I only see the same ones over and over again?  There's a trillion episodes and no matter when I turn it on it's William Shatner freaking out on the plane because there's a diseased monkey on the wing.  Am I in the Twilight Zone while watching the Twilight Zone?  It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

    You can pick this guy up beginning Friday, October 28th at noon pacific time from

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sunny Orange Mandrake Root Lottery from Doktor A x Toy Art Gallery

    My wife and I had this epiphany that we are getting older and should probably stop eating like 10 year olds left to their own devices.  While cookies for dinner is as great as it sounds, I'm really trying to avoid my blood turning into the consistency of New York sewage, so we've been eating a lot healthier.  I've even been dabbling in the world of vegetables, which are disgusting but supposedly necessary to staying alive past 40.  For years I've felt that it is just propaganda from the farming industry, but who knew I would uncover evidence of just how dangerous plant based food can be.

    According to Wikipedia, the Mandrake root has hallucinogenic properties and was used in pagan rituals.  It's also causes asphyxiation, which seems like a steep price to pay just to enjoy a Doors album just a little more.  And I don't think they actually have any nutritional value due to them being able to kill you and all, but they don't make me eager to eat any other things that grow in the dirt, that's for sure.

    Don't fear the reaper with this dude cause he's only made of plastic and isn't some bizarre man-shaped plant trying to take you to the beyond.  Cast in beautiful orange, this Mandrake Root from Doktor A and Toy Art Gallery is going to be available via lottery staring today at noon pacific time.  Entries will be accepted until Monday at the same time and then winners will be notified to pony up the dough.  Get in on it at

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"UnAmerican Activity" Custom Toy Show at Toy Art Gallery

    It's rare that I would ever open an email with a subject that involved the word "unAmerican" cause I am not trying to get on some government list or have the feds parked outside my house trying to see what I'm up to.  Not that I'm up to anything, but it just seems like a hassle.  I'd have to step up my style game if people are gonna be outside taking pictures all the time to go in my permanent file.  This is how their briefing on my case will play out:

 Boss:  "So, have you determined what the deal with this guy is?"

Cop:  "Sir, all we've been able to ascertain is that the house is filled with cats, and the subject looks FABULOUS!" (throws glitter in the air, much to the chagrin of his fellow officers)

    And that is how I will waste the taxpayer's money.  End scene.

      I opened that email anyway and instead of finding something that would send me to Guantanimo, I found out about a killer toy show this weekend.  It's called "UnAmerican Activity" because the artists involved aren't from America.  Oooooooooooooh, that makes much more sense than what I was worried about.  The show opens this Friday, November 14th, at Toy Art Gallery and features the work of Jon-Paul Kaiser, Doktor A, and Seymour Art.  Check out this little preview of what you can see live and in person:

Friday, May 30, 2014

"The Unwound Automaton" Bella Delamere from Doktor A x Arts Unknown x Mintyfresh

    As I am writing this post I am playing fetch with my cat Jorah.  He has this little mouse toy that we call Chew Jackman and he'll drop it then push it towards you when he wants you to throw it.  It's kind of weird for a cat to want to play fetch, but what's weirder is that we never taught him to do this.   He brought it to me when I was trying to sleep one morning and I threw it out of the bedroom hoping he would go behave himself and stop tormenting me (he's famous for practicing Civil War medicine on my wife and I when we are our most vulnerable) and instead he brought it back.  This continued until I wore him out and he decided a nap was in order.  Now I'm having to chuck this thing at an angle so it makes it down the stairs and I have time to type.  

    On a completely different note, here is the latest version of Doktor A's Bella Delamere figure from Arts Unknown.  "The Unwound Automaton" will be going on sale today exclusively from Mintyfresh at 9pm Amsterdam time (which would be 3pm in New York and 12pm in LA in case you were wondering).  Who doesn't love a woman with tentacles?  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Munky King's Remaining SDCC Exclusives On Sale Today

    Ooooooh I bet you thought you weren't going to get one of these.  You'll be happy to know that while they only made 100 of them, not all of this Luke Chueh/Jason Freeny collaboration made it to Munky King's booth at SDCC.  They weren't being sneaky about it, they just weren't able to finish them in time.  Production was going smoothly until one of them brought Downton Abbey season 3 to work and then depressed everyone, bringing work to a screeching halt.  Are Anna and Mr. Bates the only people destined to find happiness?  These go on sale today at noon Pacific time for $240.

    They also have a few of these worm crawly machiney thingys from Doktor A.  You can have one for $120 and they are also limited to 100 pieces.

Get em both today at

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Munky King Exclusives for SDCC

    I would most definitely fight a horde of nerds for this figure.  It features two of my favorite things: blood and guts.  Luke Cheuh and Jason Freeny teamed up to help this bear learn all about his insides.  Munky King produced 100 of these for Comic Con and each was hand made.  It is stunning to say the least and in my top 10 of must haves from this year's convention.  I wouldn't tell if they wanted to sell me one right now.  

    Doktor A doesn't make anything that isn't insane to look at and this might be his craziest piece yet.  What is nice about this is that it is listed as the Autumn Amble Edition, which would lead one to believe that future releases for us unable to make it to San Diego will occur.  

    This guy is kinda neat.  Anthony Ausgang released a similar version of this years ago, but he and Dave Pressler have changed up the sculpt and made 50 of them available in this uber limited edition.  Kitty gonna go boom.

Get all three of these by visiting the folks from Munky King at their booth.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Arts Unknown Figures from Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman, and Doktor A

    Arts Unknown went quiet for a little while after the original release of these figures, but now they have returned with a new website and new color ways of their original trio.  I like the black and white treatment of William, Reginald, and Henry from Frank Kozik.   They look ready to jump into a classic detective scenario under a sweltering Moroccan sun.  It would probably involve a precious artifact and a beautiful girl who teeters between being good and being oh so bad.  Or they're just hipsters, hard to say.  Only 150 of these exist.

    They've also updated Gary Baseman's drug-loving Slugilicious.  Limited to 100 pieces, this guy can't wait to get into grandma's arthritis medicine and trip the light fantastic.   

    This lady has a mystery under her dress, and not the kind you find at 3am on Pacific Avenue.  This tentacled beauty from Doktor A is an edition of 250 and will no doubt devour your soul in some manner from the pages of Lovecraft.  

    Snag one, or snag them all by going to or any of your other favorite places to buy toys.