Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Talking Board 5 Inch Dunny from Doktor A x Kidrobot

    The five inch Dunny platform is quickly becoming my favorite.  Not only is the size perfect for those of us that are running out of shelf space, but the designs Kidrobot has showcased on it have pushed the boundaries of where the toy can go.  The latest is the Talking Board from Doktor A.  Based on a custom he did many moons ago, this is one of those toys you have to hold in your hands to really appreciate the intricacies of both the design and the finished product.  Luckily, I have had one for a few days now so I'm telling you this based on my own first hand experience.  He fits in beautifully with my cabinet of curiosities and is right now the only toy I have in there amidst the bones and quack medical devices.  Just look how happy he is posed next to a donation card from the Body Worlds exhibit:

    You can get your own and use it to contact the spirit realm when he goes on sale this Friday, August 25th.  The red edition will be available wherever you like to buy your designer toys, while the green version is an exclusive to  

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