Thursday, August 31, 2017

Used Sketty 8 Inch Dunny from Sket-One


       Peanut butter is my jam (see what I did there) but I really only like the chunky version.  I've got this weird texture issue with food that's too soft, so those extra bits of peanuts hidden throughout are there to save me from utter disgust.  I also prefer lumpy mashed potatoes, french fries that are well done on the outside, and bread that has a crust that could undo the best dental work.  Please don't send me any food though, because I have another weird issue about people trying to feed me.  This is getting way too personal.

    I won't hold it against Sket-One that his latest Dunny is lacking the crunchy bits I love, but only because this toy is completely not edible.  And to top it all off someone has been mighty liberal in their use of this lunch time staple, as most of it's contents are long gone.  That's ok though, because like I said before you won't be making sandwiches with this toy; you'll only be making other collectors jealous at your awesome score.  

    Each eight inch figure comes with a mini jar of peanut butter, a slice of bread, and a knife with a little bit of the good stuff still attached to the end.  You can preorder yourself one starting tomorrow ( Friday, September 1st) at 12am eastern time for a period of 24 hours.  Once that day is up, the window for purchase will be closed and the manufacturing will commence.  These are only available from

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