Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Munky King's Remaining SDCC Exclusives On Sale Today

    Ooooooh I bet you thought you weren't going to get one of these.  You'll be happy to know that while they only made 100 of them, not all of this Luke Chueh/Jason Freeny collaboration made it to Munky King's booth at SDCC.  They weren't being sneaky about it, they just weren't able to finish them in time.  Production was going smoothly until one of them brought Downton Abbey season 3 to work and then depressed everyone, bringing work to a screeching halt.  Are Anna and Mr. Bates the only people destined to find happiness?  These go on sale today at noon Pacific time for $240.

    They also have a few of these worm crawly machiney thingys from Doktor A.  You can have one for $120 and they are also limited to 100 pieces.

Get em both today at https://www.munkyking.com/.

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