Friday, August 30, 2013

Red Panda Edition of BearAll from RhymeSquare

    Oh snap son, I can see your kibbles and bits!  Good thing this isn't a family website, or I may get letters from upset parents.  But since this website is viewed mostly in prison libraries, I think I'll be ok.  Plus, I'm not big on apologies anyway.  I hate it when celebrities act badly and then they go on tv and whine about how sorry they are.  What they should do is start to apologize, then say something offensive and kick over the camera.  If I were ever famous that's what I'd do.  Or just read a Wikipedia article about ferret breeding as my "prepared statement." 

    This is BearAll, the company mascot of RhymeSquare.  For those of you without your ears to the street, RhymeSquare is a clothing company started by toy artist extraordinaire Jon-Paul Kaiser and Chris from Great Scott.  This resin Red Panda edition will go on sale tonight at midnight GMT and will be on sale through Saturday at midnight or until they sell out.  And they always sell every one, so be quick or be left without a naked bear.  

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