Monday, August 19, 2013

Matt A* x Suburban Vinyl Exclusive JA_M13 Figures

    I'm a very happily married man, but that doesn't mean that my ability to appreciate the female form was suddenly switched off the moment that ring was slipped on my finger.  You just have to do your appreciating from afar and with a bit more finesse.  Art for instance is the perfect way to satisfy a man's primal urge to stare at naked women without the shame of our car being parked in front of a strip club.  Not that I would ever be caught dead in such a place like that, because I have a germ problem and my OCD would dictate that my clothes were immediately burned.

    So I present to you the perfect opportunity to appreciate the female form while not being forced to sleep on the couch.  Matt Anderson created this JA_M13 sculpture as part of his solo show at Suburban Vinyl and they still have a few of them left for purchase.  Now let me tell you, after you buy it you better come up with some fancy way of explaining why you like it so much cause I will not be responsible for any missing teeth you may incur.  Fancy up you toy collection with some art son!

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