Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bad Apple Liquid Erosion from Mighty Jaxx

    Snow White is evidently not a fan of the heat either, though thankfully I've never been hot enough to actually melt.  Instinctoy have added this subtle touch to the ridiculously popular Bad Apple figure from Goin x Mighty Jaxx.  Only 150 of each color grenade were made and they will retail for $150 each.  Now onto the confusing part.  There are different windows of preorder time available depending on where you live in the world.  I am going to present this info to you directly as it was stated on Mighty Jaxx's Instagram account:

4th August 2013 Los Angeles 8pm New York 11pm 5th August 2013 London 4am Singapore 10am Japan 11pm 

    So if you live in the United States, your window of opportunity is tomorrow.  If you live elsewhere, it's gonna be on Monday.

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