Thursday, August 8, 2013

Exclusive Alavaka from Devil's Head Productions x Toy Art Gallery

    This little creep looks like he would have no problem trading your soul for a bag of peanuts.  Lightly salted ones at that.  And he's probably full of bad advice.  Seriously, if you find yourself wandering around in the woods and stumble upon some dude that looks like this, don't call the Discovery Channel and try to get your own show, just run.  Your blurry cell phone video that they find along with your severed arm isn't going to be worth much.

     Devil's Head Productions have created this dude, called Alavaka, specifically in this colorway for Toy Art Gallery.  This 5 inch tall evil guru will cost $60 and will come with either black or clear crystal eyes, which are packaged randomly.  Get one for yourself this Friday, August 9th, at 12pm Pacific time from

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