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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Debut of Apalala from Devil's Head Productions

    Winter is coming and I know this not just because Game of Thrones has beaten me about the head with the saying.  Nope, I know it because my drafty bedroom windows remind me at every sunset.  I would cover them with plastic sheeting but the cats like to sit there and make threats to the birds that hang out in the gutters.  So all they're gonna do is take their razor talons and cuts holes in big enough for them to crawl through, and the one that eats everything will digest the whatever strips he can manage to pull free.  It's just easier to turn the heat way up and get an extra blanket.

    This dude looks like something they'd keep out of Westeros with an ice wall.  This is Apalala, the latest figure from Devil's Head Productions, and he's one mean looking s.o.b.  There's a lottery happening right now for those interested in adding him to their collections (which should be everyone).  Here's what you have to do to be in the running:

To enter the lottery send an email to with "APALALA LOTTO" as the subject and your PayPal email address. Price is $140.00 shipped inside the USA and $180.00 shipped anywhere else. Winners announced and invoices sent first week of December.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Nordic Legion Alavaka from Devil's Head Productions

    It makes me sad that music doesn't freak people out anymore.  Teenagers today will never know the joy of wearing a bands shirt that was scary enough to make people cross to the other side of the street.  Not that this is black metal related, but I remember going to see Marilyn Manson during the time when people actually gathered outside of his shows to protest them.  It was in Richmond, Virginia and while we waited in line to get in people yelled at us and threw things and there was even a local news station that was outside filming it all.  The reporter came up to me and started asking questions about why we were there and what attracted us to his music, and 17 year old me leaned into the mic and calmly said "we're just here to see a damn good rock concert."  It certainly wasn't the blasphemous rant he was hoping for and I made sure I stayed calm to let the idiot protesters really look like the savages of the whole affair.  It was a cool moment for me.

    I had yet to be exposed to the craziness that was going on in Norway at the time that was making Marilyn Manson look like Captain Kangaroo in comparison, but the music eventually made its way to my ears.  It's still unlike anything else you could even think to compare it to and now you can celebrate the madness with your own Nordic Legion Alavaka from Devil's Head Productions.  Decked out in corpse paint and blood, this figure will bring the northern darkness to all it touches.  Available starting Saturday, March 5th, only from

Friday, August 8, 2014

Alavaka Blue Blind Bags from Devil's Head Productions

    I know I had sworn off the whole bling box thing but sometimes I miss that thrill of being surprised by what you just bought.  It's a good feeling and only really goes away when you buy two or three of something from a series and you end up with the exact same toy each time.  At that point I usually want to give up collecting, sell everything I own, and invest in mutual funds.  There are not many things in life that make me feel excited/infuriated within the span of a couple of minutes.  But this is different, cause this isn't like those sets of figures and you only want particular ones that you'll never get because the universe hates you.  When you buy one of these Blue Blind Bags from Devil's Head Productions you know you're at least going to get a sweet Alavaka figure.  Beyond that you have no expectations cause they're aren't pictures everywhere of what you could get that allow you to fall in love with some designs and loathe others.  It could only be more of a surprise if you had never seen what the basic figure looks like.  If you're feeling lucky these will go on sale Saturday, August 9th, for $50 each.   Pick one up from

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Masked Diggler from Splurrt x Devil's Head Productions

    My wife Sharon used to manage a video game store and she would always come home with great stories about her staff and the weird people that would grace them with their often insane presence.  I could dedicate another entire website to the funny stories she had, but one of my favorites that I wish I had more reasons to quote, was the time she was trying to get an employee to do something and he kept asking her "why".  After a few minutes of back and forth her patience had run as thin as OJ's alibi, and she said to him in what was her most menacing voice "if you don't do it I'm going to rip your face off and wear it as a Halloween mask"!  She had completely unleashed her inner Ed Gein on this dude and I was never more proud.  She's probably gonna be pissed I told the world about this, but it's what the people want to read.  Or they want to read about sparkly vampires, I really don't know and am pretty out of touch.

    Splurrt's Diggler has decided that he is going to cosplay as Devil's Head Productions Alavaka for this convention season.  It's a cool idea that combines two of my favorite toys.  It's like, packed with plastic value, or something.  These suckers are going to sell out quickly, so if you want one you better  clear your commitments for this Saturday, May 17, when they go on sale through

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Black Five Alavaka from Devil's Head Productions x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    This is now my new favorite colorway of this figure.  Devil's Head Productions and Lulubell Toy Bodega will be releasing these 5 exclusive Avalaka figures tomorrow August 10th, at 3:33pm Pacific time.  Two of em come with a nifty head band and a face covered in blood, or as I like to call it, my Friday dress code.  Seriously, it's how I look when I go to work.  People are all like "Hey, why do you have blood all over your face" and I'm all like "Don't worry, it's not mine".  They still worry though.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Exclusive Alavaka from Devil's Head Productions x Toy Art Gallery

    This little creep looks like he would have no problem trading your soul for a bag of peanuts.  Lightly salted ones at that.  And he's probably full of bad advice.  Seriously, if you find yourself wandering around in the woods and stumble upon some dude that looks like this, don't call the Discovery Channel and try to get your own show, just run.  Your blurry cell phone video that they find along with your severed arm isn't going to be worth much.

     Devil's Head Productions have created this dude, called Alavaka, specifically in this colorway for Toy Art Gallery.  This 5 inch tall evil guru will cost $60 and will come with either black or clear crystal eyes, which are packaged randomly.  Get one for yourself this Friday, August 9th, at 12pm Pacific time from